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This New Zealand Lake Is Getting An Electric Hydrofoil Ferry

New Zealand Sustainability
by Tim Wenger Mar 13, 2024

A new electric ferry at New Zealand’s Lake Manapōuri showcases how cool overlapping sustainability efforts can be. The lake, located in the southern part of the South Island in Fjordland National Park, is home to the Manapōuri Power Station, which generates 800 megawatts of hydroelectric power that is then distributed across the region. Beginning shortly, staff and others heading to the hydro plant will reach the station via a “flying” electric ferry.

The Candela P-12 hydrofoil ferry floats above the water thanks to the “foil” located beneath the boat that generates lift as water flows above and below it. The electric-powered ferry will save the equivalent of 240 tons of carbon emissions per year, or enough to offset 52 internal combustion vehicles, according to MyNewsDesk. Meridian Energy, which operates the hydro plant, is bringing in the Swedish-made ferry from Candela as part of its efforts to halve its emissions by 2030.

“The Candela P-12 is an exciting replacement for the diesel ferry we currently use to transport people across the lake to the power station,” Meridian Energy GM Tania Palmer told MyNewsDesk. “It’ll drastically reduce emissions and, at the same time, give our team what’s arguably the best and most spectacular commute in the world.”

The Manapōuri Power Station is located with Fjordland National Park, among the most scenic spots in New Zealand and a popular spot for visitors. Tours of the station itself are no longer available, however, visitors can recreate on and swim in Lake Manapōuri and view the station from afar.

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