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Luxury Greek Hotel Offers Spa Treatments According to Your Zodiac Sign

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Feb 26, 2021

With astrology gaining traction in pop culture, hotels are embracing the trend in an effort to provide hyper-personalized services combining the physical, spiritual, and the quirky. Nana Princess, a luxury hotel on the Greek island of Crete, has curated a bespoke Star Sign Spa Menu where you can get treated to a high-end spa service based on the day you were born.

The spa caters to each sign based on the dominant beliefs surrounding its nature. “If you’re an Aries, you are known to overthink and carry stress in the head area, so the head massage with nourishing oils (including baobab, patawa, birch, soya, and sesame) will help aid restoration and balance,” a representative for the hotel shared with Matador Network. Leos, on the other hand, are believed to carry tension in the upper back, so the spa recommends a deep tissue massage like its Mysterious Crete treatment, which uses saffron. Cancer signs are believed to hold tension in the stomach area, so it’s suggested that a lymphatic massage and acupuncture can help. And Capricorns, who are thought to be the most skeptical sign of the zodiac, are prescribed one of the spa’s signature offerings, a tendon treatment called Gold Therapy.

Apart from spiritual elements, the spa is an ultra-modern facility at 4,593 square feet. It’s dubbed as a high-tech Space Age oasis, offering everything from classical to advanced treatments. Nana Princess itself offers suites and villas with their own plunge pools, some even featuring private gyms and spas. Nightly rates start at $292 per night for a Superior Room.

So if you’re looking to connect to your inner spirit and live in harmony with your zodiac makeup, this may just be the spa for you.

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