• According to the Pew Research Center, in 2015, 3,020,000 people born in the United States were living in other countries.
  • Using 2015 United Nations data, the Pew Research Center created a map of the state of emigration from the United States to better visualize American people’s most common destinations.

    The following map shows the countries that host the US emigrant population and reveals the US emigrants’ most common destinations.

    The two most common destinations for American emigrants are Mexico (in 2015, 880,000 Americans lived in Mexico) and Canada (in 2015, 340,000 Americans lived in Canada). Note that Mexico is also the largest country of origin for immigrants in the US — in 2015, there were 12,050,000 immigrants from Mexico in the US.

    Click here to see the interactive map and learn more about the number of American emigrants around the world.