Mapped: The Countries That Spend the Most on Travel

Maps + Infographics
by Morgane Croissant May 15, 2017

OUTBOUND tourism expenditures are the amounts of money people spend when traveling in foreign countries. If you look at the map created by below, you will notice that the country where people spend the most money traveling is China with 164.9 billion dollars spent in 2014.

As pointed by, “weathlier countries enjoy higher expenditures”. Indeed, the five countries that spend the most on travel are: China ($164.9 B), the US (145.7 B), Germany ($106.6 B), The UK ($79.9 B) and France ($59.4). Of course, this map would be more useful if it showed the amount spent per capita as it would be a better comparison.

For more information about these figures, please consult The World Bank’s data on travel and tourism here.

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