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It's True -- McDonald's Is Putting Stationary Bikes in Its Restaurants

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by Olivia Harden Dec 28, 2021

Riding a stationary bicycle while scarfing down lunch at the world’s largest fast-food chain might seem like quite the oxymoron. Yet, McDonald’s representatives have confirmed that this might become an everyday reality in its stores in China, as it tests out the concept at two of its stores, according to HypeBeast one in Guangdong and the other in Shanghai.

A video of a girl riding one of the stationary bikes went viral as she pedaled while enjoying a cheeseburger and fountain drink. The video has over 35 million views and thousands of likes on the country’s version of TikTok. The company responded, saying the stationary bikes were a part of the company’s initiative to go green.

“The bicycle seats for internal use are currently being tested in two locations in China in response to the government’s “low carbon emission [policy] said the representatives. “Through the love of customers, we hope to inspire more environmental protection behaviors.”

The bicycles are made entirely of recyclable materials, and they let consumers recharge their electronics while they eat using sustainable energy. McDonald’s is gathering customer feedback as they decide whether to expand the program into more of its restaurants.

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