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This Is How Much More You’ll Have to Pay for Disney Parks Tickets by 2031

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by Jori Ayers May 21, 2021

Disney parks might be the “happiest places on Earth,” but getting to experience the joy will soon cost you even more. According to new research from KOALA, the predicted cost of going to Disney parks, no matter where in the world, will increase in 2031.

This new research from KOALA looked into past costs of a ticket at each Disney resort and park when it first opened and then compared them against the current prices to figure out the ticket cost in 2031.

Here are the current and predicted ticket prices for all the Disney resorts and parks. If you want to see how to plan your next Disney trip for the future, KOALA has a full report on which Disney resort is the cheapest of them all and could fit your budget.

Walt Disney World, Florida

Current ticket: $124
Predicted for 2031: $253.20

Disneyland Resort California

Current ticket: $124
Predicted for 2031: $223.96

Disneyland Paris

Current ticket: 79 euros ($94.11)
Predicted for 2031: 109.73 euros ($130.72)

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Current ticket: 639 Hong Kong dollars ($82.21)
Predicted for 2031: 930.53 dollars ($119.71)

Tokyo Disney Resort

Current ticket: 8,200 Japanese yen ($74.96)
Predicted for 2031: 9,782 yen ($89.42)

Shanghai Disney Resort

Current ticket: 399 Chinese yuan ($60.91)
Predicted for 2031: 463.97 yuan ($70.83)

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