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Book Yourself on a Murder Mystery Party Aboard the Orient-Express

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by Eben Diskin Jan 31, 2020

If Hercules Poirot’s exploits in The Murder on the Orient Express and The Mystery of the Blue Train have you oohing and ahhing, here’s your chance to transform yourself into a mustachioed Belgian detective and enjoy some train luxury for yourself.

On May 17, the historical Orient-Express will host a murder mystery party, complete with costumes, 1920s decor, and, of course, a murder.

The party will begin at the Train Bleu restaurant at Paris’s Gare de Lyon station, where passengers will hear the rules of the game and depart around 11:30 AM. What follows will be an immersive experience featuring costumed actors as train staff and guests. The ride ends in Nice, in the French Riviera at 11:00 PM the same day, but not before passengers enjoy two gastronomic meals, drinks, tea time, a concert, solve a murder, and celebrate with Champagne cocktails.

Tickets for the experience start at $10,380 per person, which includes the train journey, participation in the murder mystery, meals, and a full set of photographs from the onboard photographer. If you have a lot more to spare, you can take advantage of the VIP package, which includes a private session with a French theater and film costume designer to really get you looking the part.

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