30 Images of Vanlife That Will Make You Pack Up and Hit the Road

by Katie Scott Aiton Sep 4, 2017

Vanlife: The folks in these pics are traveling the world and not paying rent. Most of them are accompanied by an awesome dog — and their rigs are most often loaded with surf boards and or climbing gear. If this gallery does not make you consider what your life would be like living in a van, then you’re better suited for activities that involve a couch and remote.

Here are 30 images of vanlife that will make you consider taking to the road.

1. Viktoria & Michael — @bluemoonthecrew

2. Mitch Cox —@mitch.cox

A photo posted by Mitch Cox (@mitch.cox) on

3. Jessica Lefroy — @heretodayvanagontomorrow

4. Life in Sprinter Van — @ourhomeonwheels

5. Brianna Madia — @briannamadia

A post shared by Brianna Madia (@briannamadia) on

A post shared by Brianna Madia (@briannamadia) on

6. Emily, Corey and Pup Penny Rose, Badlands National Park.

#vanlifequestions What do you do when you’re bored on the road? We see boredom as a state of existence akin to depression, where we are tired, indecisive, and life feels dull. ☵ Truth is that we choose to never be bored, by spending our time on what creates wealth. The original meaning of the word wealth means happiness and wellbeing. And where there is wealth, there is no boredom. ☵ We choose to move in ways that make us come alive. We choose to intake nourishing food. We choose purposeful work. We choose to play. And sometimes we choose to do nothing. ☵ There is a wild force within here to fully live, and even boredom, perhaps a result of overstimulation and forget-fulLness, can no longer tame it. ☵ How do you transform boredom? What do you do to create wealth? Thank you @rodgerobley for the wonderful thought provoking question!

A photo posted by Emily & Corey & Pup Penny Rose (@wheresmyofficenow) on

7. Alison Travels — @alisontravels

A post shared by Alison Turner (@alisontravels) on

A post shared by Alison Turner (@alisontravels) on

8. Iris Linnea — @iroin

A photo posted by Iris Linnea (@iroin) on

9. Bertran — @bertrandlanneau

10. Bertrand Lanneau — @bertrandlanneau

A photo posted by #vanlifers (@vanlifers) on

11. Juliana, Richmond & Roscoe — @homesweetvan

A post shared by Home Sweet Van (@homesweetvan) on

12. DevAld & Sookie — @charleysdg

A photo posted by CharleySDG (@charleysdg) on

13. Katch & Ben — @sheepfeet

14. John and Sarah Houghton — @supervan_adventures

15. Jarett Juaret — @jarettjuarez

A post shared by Jarett Juarez (@jarettjuarez) on

A post shared by Jarett Juarez (@jarettjuarez) on

16. Nick Uthe — @nickuthe

A photo posted by Nick Uthe (@nickuthe) on

17. Noël Russell — @Noël Russell

A post shared by Noël Russell (@noel_russ) on

A post shared by Noël Russell (@noel_russ) on

18. Daniel Patzer — @patzaaaa

19. Emily, Corey & Penny Rose — @wheresmyofficenow

20. Zach Both — @zachboth

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