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New Search Feature Lets Travelers Google a Hotel's Sustainability Efforts

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by Jori Ayers Sep 27, 2021

Travelers have a new way to Google a hotel’s sustainability efforts. The technology company just announced that beginning this week, travelers will now be able to see whether a hotel has gained sustainability certification from independent third parties. Hotel searches will return information about each property’s sustainability efforts and certifications in general search results.

According to Google, hotels can earn this sustainability badge by meeting high sustainability standards from specific independent organizations, including EarthCheck and Green Key. Users can learn more about each property’s sustainability efforts by clicking on the “About” tab to see a list of efforts undertaken by the hotel. Google is working with many hotels worldwide, including independent hotels and chains such as Hilton and Accor.

Google is also building a sustainable future for travel by joining the global Travalyst coalition in developing a standardized way to calculate carbon emissions for air travel. These efforts aren’t the only healthy and sustainable aims that Google is creating. Last year Google shared a travel tool to aid in making travel more accessible and safer.

And this new tool is a part of their commitment over the next decade to ensure that their partners and others make sustainable decisions. For now, be sure to Google a hotel’s sustainability efforts before making a booking.

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