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This New Road Trip Planner Takes All the Organization Out of Your Vacation

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by Jori Ayers Jul 28, 2021

Global travel search engine Skyscanner partnered up with Inspirock, a free trip itinerary planner, to create the ultimate tool to aid travelers on their next journey behind the wheel. The new online tool, called Road Trips, can plan any road trip throughout the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

“We’ve created the ultimate tool for personalized road trips,” Anoop Goyal, CEO, and co-founder of Inspirock, said in a statement. “Travelers today seek more than just the logistics of where to stay and the best route to get from A to B and B to C — they want to make the most of their precious holiday time by maximizing their enjoyment of activities and experiences along the way, and that are tailored to them.”

This tool gives you every piece of information that you need when planning a road trip. Based on the goal of your vacations, you can choose from four themes: family, culture, outdoors, and romantic. This road trip planner does it all for you — it provides rental car options, places to stay, and activities during your trip so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Examples of Skyscanner’s road trip vacation include picturesque tours for families from New York City to Concord and Plymouth, and romantic trips for couples from New York City to Wildwood and Ocean City.

No matter where you’re going, Road Trips has a planned vacation for you. If you’re ready to hop in the car, head to Skyscanner’s website to plan your trip with ease.

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