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Paris Will Ban Car Traffic From Its City Center by 2022

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by Olivia Harden May 21, 2021

Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s plan for Paris is to turn it into a “15-minute city,” meaning neighborhood residents will be able to reach basic necessities within a 15-minute walk or bike ride — no car required. On May 20, 2021, Hidalgo pursued her latest development to move toward the ambitious plan. Paris will be banning most traffic through its city center by 2022.

The move is meant to cut down air pollution, reduce noise, promote more peaceful areas within the city, and make it easier and safer for pedestrians and bicyclists to navigate.

The city launched its consultation with Parisian residents about creating a Limited-Traffic Zone (LTZ) in its center, as it’s meant to benefit their quality of life within the city. There are other cities in Europe that already have LTZs, including Milan, Madrid, and Rome.

Motorized vehicles would not be entirely banned. A list, which includes public transportation, residents in specific neighborhood zones, people with reduced mobility, and delivery people, will still be allowed to travel through the city center using a vehicle. However, traveling through there without making any stops will be banned.

The report from the city of Paris shows that only 30 percent of drivers in the city actually have to travel by car, and the new ban would cut out about 55 percent, or 100,000 cars, per day. The plan would also prevent too many cars returning to the roads post-pandemic. Residents can submit their opinions at

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