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The Pastry Chef Who Wants You to See the Very Best of Parisian Desserts (and Shoes)

Art + Architecture
by Henry Miller Dec 14, 2017

In a world full of indulgence, the food and fashion of Paris stand out for their luxuriousness. But only the most decadent of these items fall under the lens of graphic designer and pastry chef Tal Spiegel: Parisian shoes and desserts.

Born in Israel, Spiegel left his career as a graphic designer to study the art of sweets at the legendary Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts in Paris. He soon began to Instagram his favorite (and often brightly colored) pastries that he came across in the city. While this might seem ordinary for an IG account, Spiegel’s account, Desserted_In_Paris, livens his images up by including the tips of his shoes in the background, which always match the pastry.

Within a few months, Spiegel’s following exploded with thousands of followers and he soon quit his full-time job at a pâtisserie to work on his book, “Pâtisseries de Paris.” Perhaps the best outcome of this whole venture for Spiegel is what it has done for his wardrobe, which is now loaded with over 200 pairs of shoes.

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