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Public Punching Bags in NYC Are the Newest Way to Let Out All Your Emotions

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by Aryana Azari Jun 10, 2019

Living in New York City can get pretty stressful — high cost of living, an irritating train system, crazy drivers, and people who don’t know what side of the street to walk on or how fast. Using a stress ball or focusing on your breathing can get old pretty quickly when stressors appear daily, but studio dtttww has offered up a new way to relieve any tension people might have: public punching bags.

“Public Punching Bags” were debuted by the studio at New York City Design Week last month, a weeklong celebration dedicated to all things design. As the name suggests, punching bags have been placed at different locations around the city to provide an outlet for New Yorkers and visitors alike to let out their emotions publically in a healthy way, rather than taking it out on each other.

“The concept explores designing common spaces for the frustrations we all face. Frustrations that go beyond designed systems and happen, well, because we are human,” the studio said. “The public punching bag offers an outlet for these emotions as a means to maybe develop a healthier way to address personal and collective issues in a public setting.”

Bright yellow with an image of a fist and the words “Public Punching Bag,” “Use at your own risk,” and “A healthy place for frustrations,” these punching bags are hard to miss.

H/T: Apartment Therapy

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