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You Can Rent Your Very Own Island in China Starting at $535 a Year

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Aug 28, 2020

If you’ve ever wanted to start over from scratch and build a life on your very own island, now you can. You may never have considered China, but the Chinese government is renting 500 uninhabited islands located in the northeastern Liaoning province with rent starting at $535 a year.

Rent prices are based on a six-tier scale, according to the size of the island, the presence of marine life and beaches, and how complex the plans for its development are. The cheapest option starts at $535, while the most expensive offering is valued at $3.6 million yearly for 2.5 acres.

If you’re interested in renting, you’d need to thoroughly explain to the Chinese government what you want to do with the island. The government wants to encourage the development of tourism, fishing, agriculture, and urban areas.

In addition to stating your plans, you’d need to prove that you won’t be doing anything that may harm the local marine habitat and environment, as the government has come under fire multiple times for creating artificial islands and destroying the surrounding nature.

If you’re interested in making an island your home, you can look for inspiration from some of the other islands in the Liaoning province that have already been developed for tourism, such as Dalu Island featuring manicured gardens, sandy and mud beaches, and a traditional pagoda.

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