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The Rosewood Mayakoba Is the Perfect Mix of Luxury and Wellness Near Playa Del Carmen

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by Imani Bashir Jun 29, 2022

A visit to Rosewood Mayakoba’s wellness suites is, to put it lightly, incredibly resorting. The resort perfectly fuses wellness and luxury in its location just outside of Playa del Carmen. While some properties offer either tent-style or very outdoorsy aesthetics to represent wellness resorts in Mexico, the Rosewood Mayakoba eschews glamping or mosquito nets for an elegant blend of nature and modern touches.

The connection to the region is immediate upon arrival with an outdoors front desk that allows guests to take in the elements, breathe in the air, and look out over the water. And even better? After checking in I was escorted down a flight of stairs and welcomed onto a boat where I received a welcome non-alcoholic beverage.

As we journeyed through the property and to my room, I could see that a great deal of the suites had a dock to enter and exit. My boat taxi driver maneuvered through the natural landscape of the area, allowing me to focused in on the moment for a very meditative experience. But the best was yet to come.

The Wellness Suite

Photo: Rosewood Mayakoba

In the wellness suite, both floors have floor-to-ceiling windows. Natural sunlight is everything to me, and the surroundings of trees and wildlife brought a level of tranquility I needed. I was greeted by a big lizard and a private plunge pool that adjusted to both hot and cold. There was a bowl of bath salts and a seating area completely quartered off by trees.

The downstairs area has a full dining room and living room area, which come equipped with a minibar, dining room table, couch, an indoor woven chair swing, and a full bathroom with a shower. The view is serene and partners well with the modern rustic aesthetic of the decor. There were many moments when I would just sit out on the dock and take in the fresh air or lay adjacent to the plunge pool when the sun was setting.

On the second floor, a door leads to a walk-up entrance with bicycles for guests to use (yes, the wellness suites have two entry and exit options: the front door walk-up and the downstairs boat dock).

My room had an amazingly comfortable king-size bed and also had hand-made essential oils for a diffuser that lay on the table. When I walked to the bathroom, I immediately thought to call my husband and let him know I’d never be returning. A standalone bathtub is my weakness, and I will not feel ashamed. In addition, there was a shower and an enclosed toilet, and the bathroom had another entrance leading to an area of the most beautiful brightly colored flowers and plants, a stone walk-up to a pre-rolled yoga mat, a sink area, and an outdoor shower.

Photo: Rosewood Mayakoba

Other suite options

Rosewood Mayakoba isn’t a stranger to luxury options. In addition to the wellness suites, they have more than 129 suites and private residences. These options include:

  • Lagoon Suites
  • Oceanview Suites
  • Beachfront Suites
  • Signature Suites
  • Lagoon Villas
  • Beachfront Villas

The amenities are aplenty and only increase what is offered to the guests. The private villas offer you a home away from home with multiple room options and full kitchens (while still having the convenience of continental breakfast and butler service, of course). For all of the suites, dare to indulge in complimentary mezcal, butler service, and a private outdoor deck with a plunge pool.

Depending on the demand and season, rates start at $750 per night for a lagoon studio king suite up to nearly $10,000 per night for a beachfront presidential suite.

What to do at Rosewood Mayakoba

Photo: Rosewood Mayakoba

Rosewood Mayakoba makes it a point to connect guests with nature, themselves, and, importantly, the rituals of the people who live in Mexico.

Make your own essential oils: You can make your own essential oils in the sensory garden called Kuxtal. The experience centers around choosing two scents that speak to you most and learning about the characteristics of people who typically choose those scents. For me, it truly described my current stage in life.

Water yoga: I got to completely embarrass myself by taking up “float yoga” – highly recommended. The area where the water yoga takes place is absolutely serene and green, with plant life all around. The experience involves a flat stand-up paddleboard to stand on top of while doing standard yoga movements, but on water. At first-glance, the boards look sturdy. I felt like my lack of coordination wouldn’t be a problem because they were connected by ropes to the pool. And although I literally took a dive or three into the water, it was absolutely just what I needed to relax my mind and let go. Because I had to focus so hard on the task at hand, everything else that cluttered my mind got evicted and I immersed myself in the practice.

Photo: Rosewood Mayakoba

Take part in a Mayan ritual: Rosewood Mayakoba offers a version of an ancient Mayan ritual that the resort calls the “Marry Oneself” ceremony, led by Shaman Fernanda. The ritual focuses on four pillars of ancient wisdom through spiritual rituals, meditative practices, and healing treatments to explore the depths of your inner self. To say that I felt restored would truly undersell the moment of reflection and the ocean of tears.

How to get to Rosewood Mayakoba

Photo: Rosewood Mayakoba

Fly into Cancun International Airport, where you’ll have a driver waiting for you with fresh-made juices, water, and candy, as well as hand sanitizer and face masks if you need them. The ride from the airport to the property takes less than a half hour.

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