The city of Taoyuan, Taiwan may soon be home an otherworldly pink art museum that looks like something out of a millennial Instagram influencer’s greatest dream.

The recently proposed, rosy-hued Taoyuan Museum of Art will be over 29,000 square meters (300,000 square feet) and will act as a cultural institution and public space for people to enjoy art and nature. The museum will be located next to the main airport in Taoyuan city.

The structure was designed by MVRDV in collaboration with JJP Architects & Planners and TOPOTEK1. The design draws inspiration from the city’s peach flower symbol and will include a series interconnected structures shaped like peach blossoms. Blossom and nature are not only present in the structure of the building, blossom trees and tropical plants will be peppered throughout the complex, and the nearby river will also be incorporated.

Photo: MVRDV

Photo: MVRDV

Photo: MVRDV

MVRDV had this to say about the project:

“These flower-like figures appear in the park and form a new identity for the park. A pinkish aluminum façade will be implemented throughout giving a strong and beautiful character to the site.”

“The roof terraces with peach trees create overviews and add on to the green qualities of the buildings and the park.”

The city of Taoyuan has grown enormously in recent years due to its proximity to the national airport, the capital city, and ocean. No doubt architectural innovations such as this will also help boost local tourism. Although we’ll have to wait for official details on construction and opening dates, from the designs alone, the future of museum architecture looks pretty darn colorful.