Staring at your phone on a plane gets uncomfortable after about three minutes. Photo: Andrey Yurlov/Shutterstock

This TikTok Airplane Hack Will Forever Change Your Flying Experience

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by Suzie Dundas Jul 12, 2022

Sometimes, you watch travel hacks on Instagram or TikTok and they’re, well, kind of lame — it’s no secret that you should try to switch your seat to an empty row at the last minute or take a photo of your passport details.

But TikTok user and professional content creator Katarina Mogus — KataMogz on TikTok — shared a genius tip for using your phone to watch airlines’ free streaming content without having to hold your phone or strain your neck — and it requires absolutely zero extra supplies or gear. In fact, all you need is something you’ll already find for free on every airplane: a waste bag (more commonly known as a barf bag).

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In the heavily watched clip, KataMogz lays out the simple steps for hanging your phone from the seat in front of you, exactly where a built-in TV screen would be on some planes. Just remove your phone case, lay the waste bag across the top of the case, and snap your phone back in, effectively “locking” the bag in place. Then, just fold the other end of the bag over your tray table, and use the swiveling tray table clip to lock it in place. It sounds complicated, but trust us, it’s very, very easy. In fact, there’s no shortage of TikTok videos from other travelers successfully employing the airplane hack across a variety of airplanes and airlines.

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Okay, so you do need one thing for this airplane hack: a cell phone case. But if somehow you’ve managed to survive without a case on your phone, and you happen to be reading this at an airport, just head to the nearest newsstand or tech store at the airport. For around $10, you can avoid having a sore neck for hours to come on your next flight.

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