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Find This Whiskey Company's Gold Cup Out in Nature and You'll Win $10,000

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by Olivia Harden Apr 12, 2022

TINCUP Whiskey is hoping to inspire people to get outside this year for a whiskey themed scavenger hunt with a $10,000 prize.

Called the “Spirit of Adventure,” the search is for three special edition gold-plated versions of TINCUP’s iconic cups that top the whiskey bottles. You won’t find them in a liquor store, though. In fact, each bottle was hidden in a different place in the great outdoors by a noted outdoor adventurer: Paulina Dao, an adventure lifestyle photographer; Max Djenohan, a professional primitive survivalist from Naked and Afraid; or Caite Zeliff, a professional skier and paraglider.

It might seem impossible to find three gold cups hidden across the country in anywhere that classifies as outdoors. But if you do stumble across one of the gold cups, you’ll be paid handsomely with a $10,000 finders fee. To help, clues will be released every few days on the company’s Instagram page until each of the cups is found.

“Adventure is at the heart of TINCUP Whiskey, which is why we wanted to find a way to inspire exploration across the country and share that enthusiasm with our community,” said TINCUP founder Jess Graber in a statement. “We’ve teamed up with some very notable explorers to help hide our beloved gold cups and we can’t wait to see toasts with TINCUP after a day well-spent exploring.”

The search begins on April 15 at 9:27 AM PST. You can sign up for alerts when new clues drop, or follow along on Instagram.

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