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This Is the Fastest Way to Finish the TSA PreCheck Approval Process

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by Olivia Harden Oct 18, 2022

If you’re a frequent flyer eligible for TSA PreCheck but haven’t made the effort to follow through and complete the application, then it’s time to reconsider your choices. Sure, the online portion is easy enough to complete, but scheduling a time for the in-person fingerprinting and background check can be a time suck. Enter special enrollment centers where, according to influencer @sonomackenzie on TikTok, you can get that interview done in as little as 10 minutes without waiting in a single airport line.


This will save you so much time

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Of the more than 500 enrollment centers, 47 locations are available at Staples. You can also use one of 10 pop-up AAA offices.

Using the TSA site to find the nearest enrollment center is simple. Simple select the program you’re looking to enroll in, enter your zip code, and a list of places sorted by distance pops up. Select the one that you want to make an appointment at to see the hours and exact location. Before you know it, you’ll never have to take your shoes off to get through airport security again (or at least for the next five years).

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