The ultimate four-season guide to Leavenworth, WA

Name just about anywhere in the US, and we’ll tell you when to go. But when it comes to Leavenworth, Washington, you get to make the call. It’s a sight for sore eyes year-round, the backdrop of the Cascades and the half-timber houses doing most of the heavy lifting. This Bavarian-style mountain town has bloomed into a serious four-season destination, and it’s just a two-hour drive from Seattle.

So, your choice. Are you up for wandering wildflower meadows and paddling down rivers? Snowshoeing and chauffeured wine tasting tours? Filling up on Bavarian sausages and beer before a night of outdoor theatre and downtown festivals? Luckily, whenever you go, you can’t go wrong.

This guide is proudly presented in partnership with the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce.


On the sunny eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, surrounded by craggy ridges, speckled meadows, a series of babbling brooks, and one raging river, Leavenworth is Pacific Northwest nature at its best. And here, just as in the Bavarian Alps of southeastern Germany, spring is a special time of year.

Wildflower hikes

As the snows recedes and the sun raises tender meadow grasses…


Taste Leavenworth

Leavenworth is host to a gaggle of tasty options all year ’round…


Maifest: The welcoming of spring

In a colorful Bavarian tradition dating back to the 10th century…


Film festivals

Yes, there’s more than one!


River rafting and kayaking

Leavenworth sits on the banks of the Wenatchee River…


Photos provided by: Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce. Taste Leavenworth by Dzhan Wiley/Sulla Vita, Film Festivals by Icicle TV/Leavenworth Film Festival


The long days of summer are necessary if you want adequate time to explore the depths of Leavenworth’s outdoors. Glacial lakes, roaring rivers, high mountainsides, and buzzing downtowns (those count, too) — be sure to top off every summer adventure with a pint of Bavaria’s best.

Outdoor theatre

The cast takes the stage as the sun sets behind the not-too-distant mountains…


Plain and Lake Wenatchee

The headwaters of the Wenatchee River spring from the placid, pristine, glacier-fed Lake Wenatchee…


Stevens Pass Mountain Bike Park

When the snows have melted and all the skis, snowboards, and snowshoes have been packed…


Village Art in the Park

This is the Pacific Northwest’s longest continually running outdoor art show…


Leavenworth’s golf courses

Tucked into a bend in the Wenatchee River…


Photos provided by: Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce. Main image by Brian Munoz/Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce. Leavenworth Golf Course by Clay Bergren/Leavenworth Golf Course


Leavenworth shifts into a warm, golden technicolor come fall. Above the waters of the Wenatchee, the series of oranges, reds, and yellows is double the bang for your buck. And you know what other season it is? Oktoberfest season. Prost!

Fall colors

There may be evergreen trees absolutely everywhere, but when autumn rolls around…


Fall festivals

The best darn Oktoberfest this side of Munich happens right here the first three weekends of October…


Farmers markets

During the summer and early fall, farmers, artisans, makers, and chefs converge on Leavenworth…


Winery tours & wine tastings

The climate of central and eastern Washington is uniquely suited for grape growing…


Photos provided by: Main image by Icicle TV, Fall colors by Shutterstock/Adonis Villanueva, Fall Festivals by Stephanie Fry Photography, Farmers’ markets and Winery tours by Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce


Be silent and still. Let the snow fall around you. Try to count the Christmas lights. Yeah, this might be a snow globe — can you prove it’s not?

Village of Lights

During the fall and winter holiday season, downtown Leavenworth is a dazzle of 500,000 Christmas lights…


Leavenworth Ski Hill

It started with a giant ski jump…


Leavenworth for lovers

What’s more romantic than snuggling up with bae in a horse-drawn sleigh…


Snowshoeing and wildlife walks

Looking for a low-key adventure in the middle of a silent winter scene?…


Bavarian Icefest

Bundle up and get ready to celebrate all things frosty, cold, and frozen…


Photos provided by: Main image by the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce, Leavenworth Ski Hill by Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce, Snowshoeing and wildlife walks by Michael Woodby/Blue Sky Outfitters, Village of lights, Leavenworth is for Lovers, and Bavarian Icefest by Brian Munoz/Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce.

This guide is proudly presented in partnership with the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce.