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Soon You’ll Be Able to Vacation in an All-Mirrored Cabin in Canada

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by Jori Ayers May 20, 2021

A new approach to cabin life has just been announced and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Leckie, a Vancouver-based architecture studio, and Aruliden, a design agency, have come together to create a stunning mirrored cabins project called Arcana. Arcana will be a set of secluded mirrored cabin rentals that will be built in a forest in Ontario, Canada — just two hours away from Toronto.

The cabins are 275-square-foot buildings clad in highly polished reflective stainless steel that makes them blend so well with the wooded surroundings that they are almost invisible. However, to preserve the environment the cabins will be located in, the steel cladding will reflect a distorted image of the forest so as to prevent bird strikes.

According to Leckie Studio Architecture + Design, the mirrored cabins will bridge “the gap between urban life and the wild” and “enable people to easily access the restorative powers of nature.”

Inside, the cabins will be all pine and have a pared-back, luxurious decor. Each cabin will come with electricity, running water, a contemporary kitchen, a private bathroom with a rainfall showerhead, and other amenities like a custom-built fire pit with a grill that’s located on a private deck. There will also be a sauna on site.

Guests will have a contactless check-in process, and the cabins’ location will not be disclosed until guests have booked their stay. Dezeen stated that construction would begin this year.

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