Vegan skincare brands have become so overwhelmingly popular that you’ve probably already purchased something online without even knowing it was plant-based. But there are some vegan brands that have dedicated their entire line to being cruelty-free and are producing some outstanding products — products that are 100 percent natural but do the same job as those using animal byproducts such as beeswax or lanolin.

Making sure your skincare regime is as kind as possible to your skin and to animals and the planet is a simple adjustment and it’s just as important to keep up when you’re on the road as it is when at home. Traveling can put a real strain on your skin and present new problems such as dehydration and congestion, but with a stable regime of plant-based products, these troubles can be diminished. From hydrating natural oils to cream cleansers to gel masks, here are some of our favorite vegan skincare products.

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1. Pai Skincare

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Pai Skincare is a great starting point for anyone who wants to upgrade their regime. Its product line is really extensive, its marketing and packaging is easy to understand, and it’s affordable. The ingredients in its products are clearly listed and transparent about why each element has its place.

Pai’s vegan skincare products are ideal for anyone like me, who suffers from very sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. Its camellia and rose gentle cream cleanser, which is alcohol-free, is so calming and packed with three natural oils that cleanse the face without stripping it bare. It’s a classic and should be used daily, and it’s a great investment if you’re planning a trip to a polluted city. Another favorite is Pai’s rosehip oil. Harvested from the seeds and fruit of rosehips, this cold-pressed oil is a go-to for aiding anti-aging, calming acne-prone skin, and reducing scars. This is one of Pai’s bestselling products and has a ton of five-star reviews. It’s super hydrating, so it’s great to pop in your carry-on for flights.

2. Odacité

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Odacité is the brand to turn to if you have problem skin. Let’s face it, when traveling and being exposed to different climates and food, those of us who suffer from skin issues seem to get the short end of the stick. Odacité is 100 percent vegan and its serums are game-changers. You only need a few drops of concentrate in your daily regime — and we mean daily. Although Odacité’s products and all others listed here are perfect for travel, to see any marked difference in your skin, you need to be religious with your application and give things time.

With that said, start with its energy face serum with blueberry and jasmine oil, or if you have dry skin, look into the concentrate with moringa and petitgrain. The latter is packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants from moringa oil and petitgrain works in synergy bringing a hydrating action to your skin.

3. PLANT Apothecary

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PLANT Apothecary is a no-frills range and that’s exactly what Brooklyn-based co-creators Bjarke Ballisager and Holly McWhorter wanted to achieve. They set out to make a vegan, natural brand that was accessible to a huge range of skin types. This is another collection that will not break the bank with products starting around the $16 mark.

We love the multi-purpose aloe and lemongrass face wash, which is packed with essential oils and lightly scented. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and all other synthetics and is gentle on all skin types.

4. Skyn Iceland

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Skyn Iceland is one of the best vegan skincare brands for sheet masks. Personally, I’ve been purchasing its masks even before I shifted my regime to plant-based and boy am I happy to see them stay.

Another favorite is the eye Hydro Cool Firming Gels, which come in handy to help get rid of puffy dehydrated eyes after a long-haul flight. There are also multipack boxes of what are called “face-lift” gels. This pack gives you the option of gels for three problem areas — forehead, smile lines, and under the eye — and promises a lifting and plumping effect for up to 24 hours.

5. Youth to the People

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Making sure your skincare regimen includes Youth to the People is like making sure you hit the gym and have a green juice once in a while. It utilizes superfoods such as kale and spinach and others packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, and injects the cold-pressed plant extracts properties into its iconic skincare products.

While we could really go to town listing out some of the standouts, it might be wise to start with the duo mini skincare kit which includes a gel foaming green tea cleanser and kale and spinach moisturizer. Both of these are bestsellers and work together to purify, hydrate, and visibly brighten your skin. Another to look out for is the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Mask. This overnight mask is ideal for use during long-haul flights. It hydrates, plumps, and brightens with the use of vitamin C and has a ton of antioxidants.

6. Herbivore Botanicals

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All of the brands listed above make sure that every single ingredient has a place and some specific therapeutic reason for being in their products, but Herbivore Botanicals is really passionate about this importance. It has zero filler ingredients and each product has a highly concentrated and effective formula. This basically means that there is nowhere to hide and that kind of transparency is very welcome, especially if you’re testing the waters with vegan skincare.

Its bestsellers include a retinol alternative with naturally derived Bakuchiol serum and its rosehip oil. But we adore the body range specifically. Ideal after a long day of travel or just to pep up your hotel tub, the calming bath salts are a blend of Himalayan pink salt infused with ylang-ylang and vanilla. Another choice pick is the coconut milk bath soak, which is hydrating and luxurious.