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Some Virgin Planes Will Soon Have Lounge Booths for the Chicest In-Flight Cocktail Experience

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by Olivia Harden Sep 13, 2021

Anyone who has flown knows that the amenities in first class are quite enviable when compared to economy tickets. Now Virgin Airlines is taking first-class amenities to a whole new level that might make you want to splurge for the coveted seats. The airline, which is already known for its in-flight bar and loft area, recently announced a new interior and cabin configuration of the A350 aircraft that includes “The Booth,” which puts bar-like seating in the sky.

The Booth is built like the booth-seating you’d find at a restaurant or bar with leather seats and a table in the middle for two people. It also includes two 27-inch touch screen monitors to showcase a digital art gallery featuring up-and-coming artists and a camera with live footage of the aircraft making its way through the sky.

“We’re famous for our on-board social spaces and the introduction of The Booth elevates the customer proposition for our leisure travelers to new heights,” chief customer and operations officer Corneel Koster said in a press release. “We love creating brilliantly different experiences, which is why we’re always evolving our ideas to offer something different and exciting in the air and on the ground.”

The Booth will first be available to travelers in December 2021 who are traveling between London and Orlando, Florida, and it will roll out to A350 aircrafts to other sunny destinations like Barbados in 2022.

“I’m delighted that we’ve curated The Booth specifically for our customers jetting off on holiday to our sunny destinations, such as Orlando, offering a truly stylish start to their trips,” Koster said.

Other changes to the A350 aircraft include expanding its capacity to 397 seats — 16 upper class suites, 56 premium seats, and 325 economy seats. The Upper-Class suites will now have all window-facing seats with a fully flat bed, and all cabins now have the largest entertainment screens available on any Virgin Atlantic plane.

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