How to Visit Berg Lake in British Columbia

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by Ashley Welton Jul 25, 2017

BERG LAKE is the big payoff at the end of Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park. This trail has it all, from waterfalls to wildlife to glaciers to some of the most sensational views you’ve ever seen.

How to get there

Berg Lake is in Mt. Robson Provincial Park, BC, Canada, located just west of the British Columbia/Alberta border. It’s a perfect add-on to a trip to Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Canadian Rockies. Driving, it’s only half an hour from Jasper to the park’s boundary (it’s about 5.5 hours from Calgary and 7 hours from Vancouver).

It’s 4 hours north of Kamloops, 3.5 hours east of Prince George, 7 hours northeast of Vancouver, and 5 hours west of Edmonton, Alberta. The closest towns are Valemount, Tete Jaune Cache and McBride.

What to consider

  • The trail is well-maintained but is rated as difficult and is best used from June to September
  • It’s possible to make it a day trip, and, if you’re fit, it will take you around 12 hours.
  • If you choose to do it in a day, make sure you have adequate water, snacks and layers for sudden weather changes.
  • It’s possible to turn it into a multi-day trek (suggested) because the scenery is so magnificent that you’re going to want to take your time.
  • There are 7 campgrounds along the trail.
  • If you’re backpacking, book your reservations in advance.
  • Dogs are permitted on day trips, but not overnight.
  • There’s no fee for day hikes, but there are for overnight camping.

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