How to Visit BikeZip in Bohol, Philippines

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by Ashley Welton Sep 6, 2017

BIKEZIP, in Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP for short) on the Island of Bohol in the Philippines, is something you’d expect to see in a circus…except it’s for everyone. There are over 30 adventure activities for adults and children in the park.

The BikeZip, however, is our favorite. On The Rush Bike Zipline, you can choose to pedal solo or tandem over the 225 meter long wire, suspended 150 feet in the air. On a normal zipline, gravity does the work, but on the BikeZip, the passenger has to pedal themselves across. It sounds easy, but if you have any fear of heights, you might find yourself a little sweaty on the other side.

No expert skill or experience required.

How to get there

CHAP is located in the municipality of Carmen on Bohol. From Cebu City, take a fast boat — travel time is about 2 hours — to the Tagbilaran port and hire a tricycle to the bus terminal in Dao. From Dao, a bus to Carmen takes about 45 minutes and will stop at the adventure park.

What to consider

  • The park is well suited for adults and children alike.
  • There are a variety of adventures, ranging in difficulty, but none are too strenuous.
  • The park is open daily from 8:30am to 5:30pm, including holidays.
  • The park entrance fee is PHP60 or about $1, and the zipline is PHP400, about $8.
  • Each activity has its own fee.

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