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Watch: Is This the Right or Wrong Way to Wear a Neck Pillow on a Plane

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by Olivia Harden Jul 19, 2021

Tik-Toker Sidneyraz is dedicated to sharing all the things he wishes he had known before he was in his 30s. His latest trick involves how to get some better shut-eye on the plane, which, unless you’re willing to shell out money for first class, is something that many travelers can use some help with.

One of the most common tools at our disposal is the U-shape neck pillow, which was designed to support the back and sides of the neck to promote better spinal alignment, according to the Sleep Foundation. Sidneyraz is convinced that the best way to actually wear your travel pillow is in the front, snapping the pillow shut in the back so when you lean forward, your chin has more space to lie on.


you can actually sleep on a flight #traveltipsandtricks #inmy30s

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Theoretically, it makes sense. Amanda Woods from The Points Guy tried it out, and although she got some funny looks, she also reported it was the best sleep she’s ever had on a flight. But what about all that lumbar support the pillow was supposed to provide? What do you think? Is Sidneyraz wrong or right? Just know, even if you feel this is kind of silly, there are plenty of other tricks to get some shut-eye on your next flight.

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