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An Inside Look at Where Flight Attendants and Pilots Sleep on Long Flights

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by Olivia Harden Aug 4, 2022

If you’re a plane passenger who often flys economy, you know how challenging sleeping on a flight can be. Maybe you’ve dropped some dough on the perfect neck pillow to get a good night’s rest or resorted to the military sleep method. But what about the pilots and crew who are working those long haul flights? It turns out flight attendants and pilots have their own sleeping quarters. Quinten Moshy, a ramp agent and cabin groomer, posted a TikTok showing where the crew can get some rest while flying.

@quintenmoshy Apparently flight crews need rest after all… #boeing #787 #airplane #pilot #bayarea #california #london #airport #flightattendant #fyp #travel #aviation #rampagent ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Moshy shows a 787 Dreamliner on British Airways, but according to Insider, the pilot’s quarters can look different depending on the airline. In Moshy’s TikTok, he shows how the pilot’s resting area is located behind the cockpit, which is common in almost all planes. Some areas on other planes include TV screens, bathrooms, and reclinable seats. And sometimes the flight attendants sleep in bunk beds. However, one commenter noticed there was one important feature missing.

@quintenmoshy Replying to @49erwarrior no windows, just mirrors and curtains #boeing787 #dreamliner #aviation #airplane #flight #flightattendant #pilot #california #london #travel #fyp #sleep #airport ♬ original sound – Finley

One of the best parts of flying is the view. And although it might seem a little harsh or claustrophobic that these sleep pods don’t have any windows, perhaps it’s a good thing to ensure that the crew gets uninterrupted rest.

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