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Woman Gives Out Vodka Shots in Miami Airport After Being Stopped by Airport Security

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by Jori Ayers Nov 24, 2021

A FLORIDA woman took pregaming to a whole new level this week. While flying out of Miami International Airport, the woman was told that she couldn’t bring her full bottle of vodka through security. So instead of throwing out the full unopened bottle, she decided to open it up and share the sauce with those around her.

Tiktok user @latinnbella posted a video of herself and other passengers passing around the bottle of alcohol before going through airport security. Check out the video below.

@latinnbellaa##fyp ##miami ##funny♬ original sound – D

In the background of the video, you can see the security staff looking amused, some laughing as the woman and other passengers pass around the alcohol bottle. A video as entertaining as this one is bound to come with some just as entertaining and humorous.

One user commented, “I can’t believe they are allowing this kind of behavior at the airport and I am even disappointed I wasn’t there to participate!”

Another used Oprah’s infamous tagline but with a twist — “YOU GET A SHOT! YOU GET A SHOT! YOU GET A SHOT!”

And another user commented, “It’s all fun and games until you realize your pilot is in the line.”

But not to worry, @latinnbella did follow up in the comments on the situation with, “Yes, we got on our flight nobody was kicked out. It was a shot; no one was drunk. The bottles were not in our carry-on back. We missed our deadline to check in our backs to cargo, so we had to bring them through the TSA.”

Regardless of getting free shots, I think we can all agree on skipping out on chugging a bottle and passing it around to everyone in the airport.

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