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You're Not a Real Alaskan Until You've Eaten at These 13 Food Spots

by Kaitlin Armstrong Apr 10, 2018

Alaska may be best known for its wilderness and views, but our food scene is something we take pride in. Locally sourced and inspired fare take center stage in our cuisine, with Alaska-grown produce and only the freshest seafood. We’re big on hearty meals, but we also love our international influences. And most importantly, we’ve got to pair things with strong espresso or a good brew. Here are 13 spots where real Alaskans love to chow down.

1. Two Sisters Bakery, Homer

Filled with organic baked goods and hippy vibes, this seaside bakery is a local favorite. It’s a perfect spot to grab a sweet or savory pastry to munch on after walking Bishop’s Beach or savor fresh seafood and Alaska-grown veggies from a creative seasonal dinner menu.

2. Moose’s Tooth, Anchorage

It could be an hour wait for a table, but locals will tell you it’s worth it — we insist this is the best pizza in the States. They also have a rotating beer selection, including the ones brewed in-house.

3. Snow City Cafe, Anchorage

Anchorage’s favorite (and Obama-approved) brunch location, Snow City Cafe is a go-to. What better way to kill your hangover than with stuffed french toast, eggs doused in hollandaise, and mountains of hashbrowns?

4. A reindeer sausage cart

Whether set up at the State Fair, a Farmer’s Market, or the streets of downtown Anchorage, Alaskans flock to these vendors to get our reindeer sausage fix.

5. Middle Way Cafe, Anchorage

For health-conscious Alaskans (and vegans and vegetarians), Middle Way is a godsend. They serve K-Bay Coffee, smoothies with superfood additional shots, and super hearty but healthy breakfast and lunch fare. It’s a great stop on your way to REI or Title Wave.

6. Alaskan Brewing Company, Juneau

Home to Alaska’s favorite beer, the Alaskan Brewing Company put Alaskan craft brews on the map. Besides their flagship Alaskan Amber, their tasting rooms feature seasonal and limited edition brews to satisfy any palate.

7. Ludvig’s, Sitka

Founded by a former fisherwoman and featuring dishes likes Gnocchi and Wild Alaskan Paella, Ludvig’s is an experience worth splurging on. Sipping wines plus incredible seafood plus waterfront views makes this one of the best upscale dining experiences in the Southeast.

8. Denali Brewing Company, Talkeetna

Denali Brewing doesn’t stop at beer — it’s a brewery, distillery, and meadery wrapped into one. Tucked off of the Spur Hwy on the way to Denali, their Talkeetna taproom serves liquor up with all-American eats, and their spirits, IPAs, and barrel aged brews can be found all over the state.

9. Kaladi Bros Coffee

Our most prolific coffee roaster, Kaladi Bros embodies Alaska coffee culture. What started as a humble coffee cart in the ’80s has grown to fifteen locations where we can pick up smooth lattes and single origin roasts.

10. Salty Dog Saloon, Homer

Located in a historic lighthouse on the Homer Spit and filled with locals, tourists, and off-shift fisherman, the Dawg doubles Alaska’s favorite dive bar and sweatshirt-maker. Its walls are plastered in dollar bills, its Bloody Mary’s are legendary, and at 2 AM, those bar snacks and microwave hot dogs really do hit the spot.

11. Double Musky Inn, Girdwood

An Alaskan take on Cajun food, the Double Musky Inn puts a Creole spin on everything from halibut to scallops. We make the hour trek from Anchorage to devour their French Pepper Steak. And though the wait may be long, the jalapeno cheese bread makes it bearable.

12. A drive-thru coffee stand

A true Alaskan institution, we’ve perfected efficient java-delivery with the drive-thru coffee stand, which you can find on every few blocks corner or miles down the highway. Perfect for road trips and morning commutes, these ensure we don’t have to leave our cars in frigid temperatures and provides a one-stop shop for our caffeine and sugar addictions.

13. The Cookery, Seward

Fresh oysters and trendy New American fare are served side by side at the Cookery in Seward. As if the Pomegranate Mimosas and Porkbelly weren’t enough, they serve donuts (and cronuts!) with brunch.

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