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When passion meets precision

Featuring: Alex Johnson, Rock Climber

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The three-part series “When Passion Meets Precision” is proudly produced in partnership with GMC.

Step back and look at anyone out there making a difference in the world, pushing boundaries in their field, taking innovative and unexpected leaps forward in their career, and you’ll find two values at the foundation of their success: passion and precision.

“Climbing isn’t a sport that you get into to become famous. You climb because you love it,” says Alex Johnson, who’s built a career out of something most people consider a hobby. “I’ve been able to turn my passion into a profession…to me, it’s my life.” And when she’s on the rock, the only thing she’s focusing on is “each individual move, every single hold, hitting it perfectly and grabbing the next one.” She continues: “Precision is perfecting what you have a passion for.”

The intersection of these two fundamental keys to success — passion and precision — is where you’ll find people like Alex, people like the surf filmmaker Taylor Steele and the fitness trainer Jen Widerstrom. Matador is incredibly proud to partner with GMC to tell their stories, and in doing so we hope to inspire you to tackle your goals with the passion and precision needed to excel.



Featuring: Taylor Steele, Filmmaker

“I aim to create something visual every day. It’s almost an obsession. I wake up at night thinking of ideas of what I’m going to do next,” says filmmaker Taylor Steele. Nothing meaningful can be achieved without this drive, this sincere motivation pushing you to the next level.

And then there’s the execution required to reach your goals. “There’s a lot that goes into making films, from what camera you use, the lenses, the style and look you’re going for, the editing, the software — the one thing that’s consistent is you have to be precise.” With this combination of passion and precision, so much can be achieved. Watch Taylor’s story below to see how.

Featuring: Jen Widerstrom, Fitness Trainer

“Passion is what we wake up for; passion is what drives us,” says fitness trainer Jen Widerstrom. As with any pursuit, it’s the passion within the individual that keeps them going out day after day, pushing their physical and mental limits, honing their craft — driving both themselves and those around them towards success.

Precision is the mechanism by which passion translates into real-world results. “Something’s only worth doing if you do it right…to be precise in the way I train is non-negotiable,” continues Jen, who’s used her position as a trainer on the competition reality show The Biggest Loser to disseminate these messages. Learn more about her story below.

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The three-part series “When Passion Meets Precision” is proudly produced in partnership with GMC.