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In the age of Airbnb and round-the-world flights, it can be tempting to think of the RV as a travel relic, confined to memories of childhood family vacations and Route 66 postcards. If this is your impression, we’re glad you’re here. Let’s set the record straight.

Just as there is no one variety of RV, there’s no single type of RVer, and no cookie-cutter RV travel experience. You can drive or tow an RV across town or across the country, stay on the road for a weekend or a year, get into wilderness or go on an urban adventure. And when you travel by RV, you also travel in comfort, on the cheap (if that’s what you’re after), in style, and more intimately with your family or friends.

We’ve documented the incredible spectrum of RV travel in the content series below, including video profiles of some seriously cool adventure athletes, as well as guides that provide the knowledge and inspiration you need to get behind the wheel and see just how liberating an RV adventure can be.

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Adventurer Profiles

Pro surfer Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr is a professional surfer, husband, and father from Australia who competes on the ASP World Tour and is well known for his signature aerials. When he’s in surf mode he enjoys traveling the coast with friends in search of swells.

But when it’s family time, they head into the desert and mountains. For road tripping, he says, “You can’t beat the RV…it’s just a much more comfortable way to travel.”

Pro climber Sasha DiGiulian

Sasha DiGiulian started climbing at the age of 6 and was the first North American woman to climb a 5.14d (9a) outdoors. To give a sense of this accomplishment, only two other women in the world had done this before her.

Life on the road is a big part of being a climber, and having a comfortable “home” after a long day of climbing makes it that much easier. As Sasha says, “my favorite part about traveling in an RV might be that my bed is right there.”

Pro skier Brody Leven

Adventure skier Brody Leven lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He believes in human-powered adventures, and says if he’s going to ski down a mountain, he’s going to first walk up it.

All the challenges of this lifestyle while on the road — ascending mountains, being cold, being hot, being uncomfortable — are mostly offset by having a nice kitchen to cook in and a warm bed at night. “We travel to do what we do, and it’s nice to have comfort to return to.”

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