CHAMONIX, A FAMED MOUNTAIN RESORT in the French Alps, sits in the shadow of one of the tallest mountains in Europe, the glorious Mont Blanc. With ultimate steep slopes, amazing off-piste possibilities, bottomless powder, and six resorts to choose from, it is a dream location for any hardcore skier and snowboarder.

Within seconds, Chamonix instantly captured my soul in a way that changed my relationship to the snow and mountain landscape forever. If you are a passionate winter-sports enthusiast, a landscape/sports photographer, or just a nature enthusiast, then Chamonix is the place for you.

All photos by the author.


Twin peaks

The cable car from Argentiere stops at 3,295 meters on the peak of Grand Montets. You will never forget the first time you see these two peaks. This route will take you past the glacier—which is beyond epic.


True heroes

I love this shot. This is a team of volunteers who took a special-needs group into the mountains. It makes me wonder, who are the real heroes? The men facing physical obstacles or the men that took them up there to enjoy the most epic but incredibly demanding route in the Alps.



Here is one crazy dude who climbed down the mountain to find his lost camera. Wow those French guys are insane! I found this intrepid man on Facebook two months later and sent him this picture!


Jump for joy

One thing you learn from the mountain is that you should never overestimate your skill level. If you are not ready to ride, leave it for another day. This is a friend of mine who experienced exhilarating highs and rock bottom lows riding this valley. This shot was taken at the end of the tour. She was so delighted, she jumped a meter in the air for this shot.


Ice grotto

One of the highlights of this region is it's glaciers. This fast moving ice grotto is the longest glacier in France. The glacier's speed, although not perceptible to the naked eye, is considerable. From more than 120 metres a year in its upper part, the spectacle moves about 90 metres per year



Can you believe that this place is exists? Near the head of the valley about 7km from Chamonix is the village of Argentiere. It marts the starting point for the Telepherique du Lognon cable car up to Les Grands Montets. A wonderful place to hunker down and refuel.



I have walked the streets of Chamonix so many times, oh god I love this place. Except for the numerous sport shops and restaurants it has a wealth of places for some Après Ski entertainment. Take a evening stroll and follow the music—you'll find the party!