10 Great Places to Eat in Guadalajara

Guadalajara Food + Drink
by Whitney Shindelar Sep 17, 2016

1. Cervecería Unión

Cervecería Unión

Guadalajara, Mexico

Great beers, good food, awesome vibe. Try the Imperial Tequila Ale, a strong ale aged in barrels previously used for Tequila! #casual

2. El Parián de Tlaquepaque

El Parián de Tlaquepaque

San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Mexico

Right in the middle of the “Calle peatonal” of Tlaquepaque is a plaza with restaurants, bars, and live music. Be sure to try the Cazuela, a drink made with tequila, squirt, lime and grapefruit juice, a salted rim, and topped with slices of fruit, like a sangria! #livemusic

3. Karne Garibaldi

Karne Garibaldi

Guadalajara, Mexico

Karne Garibaldi is the world record holder for the fastest food service. 13.5 seconds for a table of six. If you don’t speak Spanish, all you need to know is “carne en su jugo” (the only dish they serve), “grande” (go big or go home), and “picante” or “no picante” depending on your preference for spicy cuisine. With that, you’ll have your food within 60 seconds. Fear not, the food is amazing and when you’re ready to pay, the check will come just as quick! Don’t let the chaos of the atmosphere rush your meal, take your time and enjoy! #cheap-eats

4. Furter Hot Dogs

FURTER Hot dogs

Guadalajara, Mexico

Gourmet hot dogs in a really random location. Open 2pm-12am, so it’s a good stop after a few drinks! #cheap-eats #open-late

5. Mercado México

Mercado México

Guadalajara, Mexico

An artisanal group of 20-25 food spots offering everything from Tacos to BBQ ribs to Macarons to Churros to Carne en su jugo. You could spend all afternoon here enjoying lunch, dessert, craft beers, and people watching! Come early though, they close at 8pm.

6. Restaurante Allium

Restaurante Allium

Guadalajara, Mexico

A fine-casual-dining restaurant with a nice terrace. I highly recommend the catch of the day with sweet corn! #fine-dining

7. Hueso Restaurant

Hueso Restaurant

Guadalajara, Mexico

One of the best fine dining options in the city! This restaurant offers a fabulous experience in addition to their high quality cuisine. You’ll enjoy your dinner on one, long King’s table with the rest of the patrons for the evening. They have a set menu on offer, but I recommend letting the servers know how hungry you are and what type of food you enjoy to let the chef do the rest. Everything will be served family style to share with your party. They’re only open in the evenings Tuesday-Saturday (hence my lonely looking photo from Sunday afternoon), reservations highly recommended! #fine-dining

8. Tacos El Güero

Tacos El Güero

Guadalajara, Mexico

AKA Taquiqueso with the locals. Proper street food just off Avenue Chapultepec, a street full of bars and restaurants. They first grill the cheese, place the meat in the middle and roll it together before placing it on top of a tortilla. Expect to stand in the street while enjoying pure deliciousness! #cheap-eats

9. AirePaz Chocolatería

AirePAZ Chocolatería

Guadalajara, Mexico

Chocolate y churros! #cheap-eats

10. Santo Coyote

Santo Coyote

Guadalajara, Mexico

A Mexican restaurant popular with locals and tourists alike. The decoration and ambiance are great, but the service can be slow. Reservations highly recommended for dinner, and be sure to try their “café de olla”, a Mexican coffee made with cinnamon and piloncillo.

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