10 Images That Will Make You Wonder Why You Have Never Traveled to Lithuania

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by Katie Scott Aiton Oct 30, 2015

LITHUANIA IS KNOWN as the geographical centre of Europe. The country is a network link for travelers, tying together three major markets — The Commonwealth of Independent States, Western Europe, and the Baltic Sea region. The country is one of the most attractive countries for business development in the EU. The southernmost of the three Baltic countries, which includes Latvia and Estonia, definitely deserves exploring. Here are 10 images that will make you wonder why you have never travelled to Lithuania.

1. Autumn on Lake Bijote in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park

Autumn In Lithuania by ~   REgiNA   ~  on 500px.com

2. Sunset over rural farmland

* by Mindaugas Žarys on 500px.com

3. Vilnius in Autumn

Vilnius in Autumn by Laimonas Ciūnys on 500px.com

4. Lithuanian wildflower meadow

☂ by Marius Kastečkas on 500px.com

5. Lone fisherman enjoying silence

The fisher king by Carlos M. Almagro  on 500px.com

6. Neris River, Vilnius

Neris river by Lukas Jonaitis on 500px.com

7. Aurora Borealis over Lithuanian coast

* by Mindaugas Žarys on 500px.com

8. The riverside in Dzūkija

By the river by Carlos M. Almagro  on 500px.com

9. Trakai Castle

Trakai castle by Józef  Ярмолинский on 500px.com

10. Gediminas Avenue, Vilnius

Vilnius girl by Carlos M. Almagro  on 500px.com

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