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11 Must-Have Experiences in Boston

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Oct 7, 2016

BOSTON IS “AMERICA’S COLLEGE TOWN” with more than 100 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area, most notably Harvard, MIT, and Tufts. It’s also the center of the nation’s revolutionary history, and a place booming with food, music, nightlife, and sports culture. The following experiences just scratch the surface of all you can do here, but it’s a start.

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1. See a game at Fenway.


Fenway Park

Boston, United States

Home or the Sox, Fenway park is a sole reason to visit Boston for lots of baseball fans. Catch the ball game with friends and family and celebrate at Cask’n’Flagon after. #sports #baseball


2. Eat pizza at Galleria Umberto in the North End.


Galleria Umberto

Boston, United States

If you’re gonna go to Blston, you’ll obviously check out the North End. And what do you eat on the North End? Pizza- duh, no-brainer. Umberto’s has been there forever and people go nuts for their arancini and pizza. Cash only. #pizza


3. Take a photo of the Old State House.


Old State House

Boston, United States

One of the most photogenic buildings in all of Boston, the old state house stands out compared to the modern background of office buildings and shiny metal. Snap a few shots while you’re in this part of town, then go for a juice at Thirst around the corner or a sandwich at Clover down the street. #statue #history #free


4. Go to Yume Wo Katare for ramen.


Yume Wo Katare

Cambridge, United States

Best ramen in all of Boston. This tiny, authentic Japanese shop serves one thing and one thing only in varying sizes. Noodles and beef. Boom. Rich flavor, perfect consistency, slurp till you’re gasping for air!
It’s a first come first serve, so make sure to show up exactly at 5pm and bring cash, no cards. Grab one of the “I have a dream” tags and stand up to share your dream with the rest of the shop after you’ve finished your noodles. #cheap-eats #japanese #ramen


5. Tour the Harpoon Brewery.

 Harpoon Brewery And Beer HallBoston, United StatesGo for a tour of the Harpoon brewery and taste every beer on tap! Tours are 12-5pm Monday through Thursday, 12-6pm on Friday (starting on the hour), 11:20-6pm on Saturday (starting every 20 min) and 11:30-5:30 on Sunday (starting every 30 min). Ticket costs $5, including beer tasting. Try the pretzels, too! #cheap-eats #beer

6. Walk through Quincy Market.


Quincy market

Boston, United States

Also known as the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Quincy market is a true piece of history built between 1824-26. If you’re anything like me though, you don’t care about history as much as you care about all the fresh, home-made goods you can buy inside, especially pastries and lobster rolls. #food #cheap-eats #history


7. Check out the Boston Public Library.


Boston Public Library

Boston, United States

Check out the beatidul library across from Copley square. Tons of books, old typewriters, free wifi, a video game room – trust me, you’ll be entertained. #free #freewifi


8. Rent from Charles River Canoe and Kayak.


Charles River Canoe & Kayak

Boston, United States

Best summer activity. Grab your friends and stroll along the Charles. Wanna flu solo? No worries, they’ve got 1 person kayaks + paddle boards as well. Prices vary by how much time you spend on the water but I’ve never paid more than $20-something. You can leave out of Cambridge or Allston/Brighton #outdoors #sailing


9. Walk the Freedom Trail.


Freedom Trail

Boston, United States

Are you really a patriot if you don’t walk the 2,5 mile freedom trail in one of the State’s most historic cities? Hey, even if you’re visiting for a day come check it out. You can book a tour or leisurely stroll around by yourself. Hit up the North End bars after. #statue #history


10. Go to Beacon Hill for Halloween.


Beacon hill

Boston, United States

Stroll through Boston’s iconic brown stones. Beacon hill is the most expensive/ posh neighborhood of the city and is centrally located. Awesome during Halloween; the old houses are decked out in decoration. You’ll feel the true Boston vibe here. Take a walk down Charles street while you’re at it and pop into the quaint souvenir shops. #free #history #boston #photoop


11. Check out the Museum of Fine Arts.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Boston, United States

Great selection of art. Free on Wednesdays after 4pm


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