13 Photos That Show the Diverse Beauty of Hawaii

Hawaii National Parks Galleries
by Michael Bonocore Apr 16, 2015

Hawaii, the 50th state to join the United States of America, is the only state consisting of just islands. The islands were formed by volcanic activity, and to this day, volcanos continue to reshape the geography of Hawaii. Over 750 miles of rugged coastline, lush rain forests, and consistently warm temperatures attract over 8 million tourists a year to the Hawaiian Islands, located over 2,000 miles from the mainland US.

1. “Na Pali Coast”

By Mark Gvazdinskas

2. “Lava Kiss — Royal Gardens, Kalpana”

By Dallas Nagata White

3. “Kauai”

By Ted Gore

4. “China Walls”

By Toby Harriman

5. “Kalapana”

By Ryan Dyar

6. “Lava Flow”

By Bruce Omori

7. “Ke’e Beach, Kauai”

By Ian Miller

8. “Kawaihae”

By Sarah Lee

9. “Mauna Kea”

By Shane Black

10. “Kona”

By CJ Kale

11. “Maui”

By Ted Gore

12. “Na Pali Coast”

By Mark Gvazdinskas

13. “The Water”

By Sarah Lee

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