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13 Things You Have to Do to Before You Can Claim to Have Visited Washington D.C

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by Nicole Sunderland Sep 9, 2016

1. You ate at Ben’s Chili Bowl – The president likes to dine there, so you better dine there. Doesn’t matter what you ordered, you went there, and that is what counts.

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2. Selfies! You must take an Instagram-worthy selfie of you holding up or knocking over the Washington Monument.

3. Sat in traffic – not because the city is busy but because the President and his motorcade are coming through gridlocking the already crowded roads.

4. Visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum – where, unlike the rest of your trip, you’ll be in total silence.

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5. Visit the Pandas at the National Zoo – because you see them on the news all the time and they are basically family. You know, like the Royal Family.

6. Get thrown off the Metro – and it won’t be for your drunk dancing shenanigans, but for drinking your coffee and eating your morning brekky – because it is not allowed, it’s illegal. Save your crumb cake for the street.

7.Visit Ford’s Theatre – where you will sit through a commentary that makes you feel like you were there when Lincoln was shot .. minus all the gore.

8. Cherry.Blossom.Festival – every spring the tidal basin area blossoms with beautiful smelling cherry blossoms and everyone with allergies gets sick – worth it.

9. You ate a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake – the cupcake craze has yet to die down and seeing it on TV only makes sense that you would wait in line for an hour to get one of these tasty treats. Might as well buy half a dozen to make it worth your time.

10. Witnessed a protest – peaceful, but often you find people protesting outside the White House. I mean, you are already going to the White House since it is the biggest attraction here anyway .. might as well see some people in an uproar about something.

11. You stroll past the Watergate Hotel – because, scandal! One of the most notorious Presidential scandals happened here with Nixon and seeing where it took place is like looking.

12. Walk down the Exorcist stairs – they are right on the outside of Georgetown and how cool is that? You sent a selfie at night to everyone on snapchat to give them the creeps.

13. Smithsonian Museums – there are many but you have to visit at least one to say you have been to Washington, D.C. You probably went to the Air and Space museums or the Natural History Museum – because, AWESOME.

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