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14 Spots That Prove Montreal Is as Multicultural as You Think It Is

Montréal Insider Guides
by Kimberley Jeane Oct 22, 2016

Montreal is the multicultural epicentre of Quebec, and one of the most diverse cities in the world. You can walk from one neighborhood to another and feel like you’re in a different city. Go from the Parisian-influenced Old Port to Chinatown in minutes. Explore neighborhoods, restaurants, and parks dedicated to the many cultural groups who have left their native countries and brought a taste of it to Montreal. Stroll through the Italian and Portuguese quarters; venture outside of the city centre and admire sites devoted to the Jewish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Greek, Indian and other communities. Montreal also hosts about a hundred festivals and activities year-round, many of which are cultural ones. There are too many activities and spots to capture in a single list, but head to these ones to experience being immersed in a different culture for a while.

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Old Port of Montreal

 Old Port of MontrealMontréal, CanadaPiers, cobblestone roads, historical buildings, shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, a pirate ship, zipline, and more… please go here if you visit Montreal!

Montreal Botanical Garden

 Montreal Botanical GardenMontréal, CanadaMontreal is home to one of the largest Chinese gardens outside of China. #beautifulview #zen

Nil Bleu

 Nil BleuMontréal, CanadaOne of the most cultural experiences you can have in Montreal. Head to this Ethiopian restaurant decorated with eye-catching African decor and art. Eat like you’re in Ethiopia – with your hands!

Festival Nuits D’Afrique

 Festival Nuits D’AfriqueMontréal, CanadaThe African Nights festival is biggest multicultural event in Montreal. Every summer, it brings together and showcases hundreds of musicians and dancers from Africa, the Caribbean, South America, as well as local ones. #international #music #dance #festival

La Sala Rossa

 La Sala RossaMontréal, CanadaSpanish eatery located in a historic hispanic-style building. Order some amazing tapas or paella and you’ll feel like you’re in Spain. It’s also a live music venue where you can catch local bands, spoken word, jazz musicians, and flamenco shows. #spanishculture #livemusic #musicvenue

Rue Saint-Paul

 Rue Saint-PaulMontréal, CanadaThe oldest street in the city, a narrow, cobblestone road in old Montreal. This area is known as the “Paris of the North.” Stroll along this Street and find local art stores, street artists, upbeat bars, hotels, and a mix of local and international restaurants.

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

 Notre-Dame Basilica of MontrealMontréal, CanadaThe Notre-Dame basilica is a visually stunning masterpiece in the heart of Old Montreal. Admire the outside that’s modelled after the one in Paris and reminiscent of a nineteenth-century gothic cathedral. Then go inside to get taken away by the tens of thousands of 24K gold stars on a vibrant blue ceiling. #history #architecture #art

World Trade Centre Montréal

 World Trade Centre MontréalMontréal, CanadaWalk through this business complex/shopping gallery and you’ll feel like you’re strolling outdoors in Europe. Admire a piece of the Berlin Wall, given to Montreal for its 350th anniversary. Be taken in by a beautiful 18th-century French fountain which features a statue of Amphitrite, the Greek goddess of the sea and a 200-square-metre black granite pool, on which you can see the sky reflected on a thin layer of running water.
Photo credit: Laoska Guadamuz – #gallery #history #european


 ChinatownMontréal, CanadaMontreal’s Chinatown dates back to the 1860s, when Chinese immigrants first settled there. Today, the narrow streets are filled with restaurants, and stores where you can find traditional Chinese herbs, Chinese products, art, jewelry, clothing and more.

Mission Santa Cruz

 Mission Santa CruzMontréal, CanadaAmazing to walk by shops and restaurants in the Plateau and suddenly arrive at this architectural masterpiece. During holiday/religious seasons, this Portuguese church is decorated with lots of lights and colorful ornaments.

Parc du Portugal

 Parc du PortugalMontréal, CanadaA park dedicated to Montreal’s Portuguese community. In it, you’ll find cobblestone paths that are designed to imitate those found in Portugal. Colorful glazed tiles decorate the gates, a water fountain, and a gazebo. This park is right in Little Portugal, a small neighborhood filled with Portuguese rotisseries, cafes, bakeries, and other businesses.

Little Italy

 Little ItalyMontréal, CanadaThe first Italian immigrants in Montreal settled in this neighborhood. Today, Montreal is home to the second highest Italian population in Canada. Walk through Little Italy and enjoy the culture and some of the best Italian restaurants and cafes in Montreal.
Photo credit: Alain Rouiller, via Wikimedia Commons

Église Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense

 Église Notre-Dame-de-la-DéfenseMontréal, CanadaThe Church of Madonna della Difesa was built by Italian immigrants in the early 1900s. Its interior features stunning frescoes like those in most churches in Italy.
Photo credit: Tango7174 via Wikimedia Commons

Rue Saint-Denis

 Rue Saint-DenisMontréal, CanadaThe main street in Montreal’s Latin Quarter. In the 1800s, the Latin Quarter was where some of the richest Francophones and Anglophones lived. Today, their victorian-style mansions have turned into eateries and entertainment venues. On the lower part of St.Denis street, you’ll find fast food places, specialty stores, theatres and a variety to restaurants including Italian, Japanese, Lebanese and Mexican ones.
Photo credit: Jeangagnon via Wikimedia Commons

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