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14+ Incredible Spots That Will Make Istanbul Your Next Destination

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by Matador Community Nov 2, 2016

Istanbul is the cultural center of Turkey and the country’s most populated city. Last year, 12.56 million travelers visited this historically-rich area that has been around since 660 BCE. These are our favorite spots, but there are plenty more on Matador Network’s travelstoke app.

1. Galata Bridge

 Galata Bridgeİskender Paşa Mahallesi, TurkeyThe beautiful and delicious Istanbul, Turkey from the Famous Galata Bridge.

2. İskender Paşa Mahallesi

 İskender Paşa Mahallesiİskender Paşa Mahallesi, TurkeyExploring the backstreets of #Istanbul

3. Cafe Marmara Pera and Mikla Rooftop Bar

 MiklaAsmalı Mescit Mahallesi, TurkeyThe amazing sunset views from atop the Marmara Pera Hotel in Istanbul. ? #TravelDeeper

 Cafe Marmara PeraAsmalı Mescit Mahallesi, TurkeyOne of the best rooftop bars in all of istanbul!

4. The Rainbow Steps

 Rainbow StepsCihangir Mahallesi, TurkeyThere is one, not so obvious word which I would use to describe Istanbul’s Rainbow steps and that is CATS. If you are allergic or scared of cats, avoid the steps. Actually you should just avoid Istanbul in general. I’m not talking about one or two stray cats, I’m talking gangs of cats. All different colors of cats. A Rainbow gang of cats patrolling those famous Rainbow steps. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, don’t avoid Istanbul. It’s a really cool and beautiful vibrant city! Apparently the stairs were painted by one man who just wanted to make people smile :)! The cats certainly loved the idea! #colour #city #pretty #cats #free

5. Taksim Square

 Taksim squareGümüşsuyu Mahallesi, Turkey#gallery #cultue #couping #istanbul #taksimsquare #turkey #potest

6. Beyoğlu

 BeyoğluÇukur Mahallesi, Turkey#gallery #free #history #streetlife #culture #istanbul

 BeyoğluÇukur Mahallesi, Turkey#fine-dining #cheap-eats #free-wifi #coffee #soup #food #traditional #lentilsoup

7. Grand Bazaar

 Grand BazaarBeyazıt Mahallesi, TurkeyThe first step in recovery is realizing that you have an addiction. Baklava is my drug. 💉 #foodporn

8. Istanbul University

 Istanbul UniversitySüleymaniye Mahallesi, Turkeymy new destination

9. Cheers Hostel

 Cheers HostelAlemdar Mahallesi, TurkeyGreat hostel in Istanbul. Friendly staff and beautiful rooftop bar with a view of hague Sofia which is literally a stone’s throw away.
Check it out and make sure to meet zamaan the golden retriever. #free-breakfast #hostel #free-wifi

10. Sultanahmet

 SultanahmetBinbirdirek Mahallesi, TurkeyThough you can’t get inside the sites, cool to see the area at night

11. Hagia Sophia Museum

 Hagia Sophia MuseumCankurtaran Mahallesi, TurkeyHagia Sofia is great

12. The Blue Mosque

 The Blue MosqueSultanahmet Mahallesi, TurkeyOne of if not the most stunning and impressive pieces of architecture I have ever seen. The patterns and script are absolutely beautiful. #history #architecture

13. Egyptian Spice Bazaar

 Egyptian Spice BazaarSultanahmet Mahallesi, TurkeySpices in the spice bazaar

14. Anadolu Hisari

 Anadolu hisariGöksu Mahallesi, Turkeyİt is a beautiful place for turkish caffee with Bosphorus view .. The name of this cafe “Big Chef’s”… and there are really good restaurants for fish in Anadoluhisarı (English: Anatolian Castle), #coffee #free-wifi #lake #fish #castle #bosporus

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