IN THE FALL OF 2015, Matador sent a group of social media all stars on trips to the Black Sea region of Turkey, the culturally rich, historic, and incredibly scenic strip of territory spanning the north of the country from Istanbul to the border with Georgia. Here are just a few of the spectacular views they captured, ones you’ll see here and nowhere else.

Also featured are images taken by followers of @turkey_home — if you aren’t one of them yet, you’ll want to be after you see these shots!

Konaklar Village


On Karagöl Lake


Chasing solitude in Turkey Photo: @michaelmatti @turkey_home #Turkey @matadornetwork #TravelStoke

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Sumela Monastery


Zilkale (Zil Castle)


The view over Çamlıhemşin from the castle


The lake and village of Uzungöl


Uzungöl, which means #LongLake is another priceless gift of Mother Nature

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The arched bridges of the Fırtına river valley


Lakes and peaks of the Kaçkar Mountains


Pokut Plateau


Lake Abant


Castle in Sinop


Garzavan Plateau, Rize


Waterfall in Artvin Province