HURRICANE PATRICIA hit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a few weeks ago and, even though damage was minimal, Vallarta may still be way out of your comfort zone. Here’s why:

1. Taking a siesta in a hammock on the beach at Las Caletas and forgetting about the world sounds disturbing. What will become of you if you get used to taking siestas every day?


2. Spending an afternoon exploring Playa Escondida, a hidden beach you can only access by swimming through a tunnel? Mmm, sounds too adventurous for your taste… #marietasislands #islasmarietas #tranquilosurf #libellulaviajera #rivieranayarit #puertovallarta #puntamita #snorkeling #explore #adventure #hiddenbeach #mexico #freedom #travel #goprogirl #GoPro #mermaidlife #mermaid #saltwater

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3. And when you need a break from the sun, you can go to the beautiful town of Yelapa and bathe under a waterfall. But wait, you’re describing Paradise — it can’t be real!


Y después de un largo camino en barco, nos bajamos en una lanchita a la playa de Yelapa, después montamos a caballo, por un camino ultra estrecho selvático y entre el pueblito, casitas y tendederos con ropa, perros callejeros, y señores en sus sillas cheleando afuera de su puertita… Amarramos los caballos, (yo no soy tan hábil para eso de la montada, pero lo hice muy bien 💪🙋🐴) luego escalamos un cerro con chanclas @havaianas 😒 y por fin llegamos a la cascada a llenarnos de energía 🙌. El agua se ve cafe en la foto pero es transparente y la arena es lo que se refleja ☝️. Estuvo E S P E C T A C U L A R cada momento del día, sobre todo cuando no haces los planes de la vida, no tienes expectativas y todo resulta maravilloso. ⚓️❤️ #lifestyle #puertovallarta #visitmexico #cherrydiaries 🙋🍒

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4. Parasailing? You’ve got to be kidding me. What’s so exciting about flying over the Pacific Ocean?


5. Miles and miles of beaches will only make you realize how much more freedom you need…and you’re not sure that’s a good thing.


6. You’re afraid paddleboarding at Los Arcos would be too cool for you…


7. You like the idea of sunsets by the ocean, but don’t you think inspiration should have its limits?


8. Helping newborn turtles on their first journey to the ocean? But you were looking for something cute to do!


9. You wonder if any good restaurants will be open to keep you from starvation…


10. The little streets of Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town are full of color, flowers, and magic. You might end up falling in love with this explosion of joy and wanting to stay there forever. Be cautious!


11. You’ll get so used to the city skyline framed by the steeple of Our Lady of Guadalupe that the boring buildings back home will make you melancholic.


Parroquia de Guadalupe / Guadalupe Parish #puertovallarta #vallarta #jalisco #mexico

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12. And what if you’re simply walking around the malecón and find a scene like this one? No thanks! Spontaneity scares you to death.


13. The malecón is full of surprises, like Papantla Flyers soaring around a 90ft pole in an ancient ceremony. Too much excitement for one day.


14. And those sculptures and statues along the malecón are only a tiny part of the vibrant art scene of Puerto Vallarta! That much stimulation can’t be good for your brain.


15. What will happen if you discover life is all about the simple pleasures and Puerto Vallarta is full of them?


16. Yes, whether or not the hurricane left any lasting damage (it didn’t), Puerto Vallarta is a very dangerous place. It’s so full of life and wonders that, once you experience it, you’ll have to come back year after year. Best never to visit!



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