When you fill out your Matador community profile, we ask you to share your ideal place for watching the sunset. Here’s what 50 members said.

1. Aina808: On my surfboard sitting in the line-up in Hawaii.
2. passionwriter: Sitting by a campfire in the fall of the year, listening to the sound of the wood popping, and the sun saying goodnight gives me a peaceful feeling.
3. ImpDad: Cannon Beach, Oregon with lightning striking the sand.
4. two2sense: Eating fresh grilled fish on the beach after a day of diving in Honduras.
5. Martin Nielsen: From a mountaintop in El Pauji (Southern Venezuela), the sun will set over the Great Savannah.
6. SuperJenn: Wherever one can find fireflies.
7. WyattWalker: On top of the giant rock living next to the Blood Mountain shelter in Georgia.
8. SteveScherrer: Where the surf meets the jungle in Costa Rica.
9. Yeags: Atop a mountain in the Blue Ridge Parkway.
10. TravelingZack: 4pm in Kasilof, Alaska where the red stains the crystals on the trees and it looks like there is a bright burning forest fire…
11. Traveling Savage: Any day on the Orkney Islands.
12. jrmoreau: From my grandparents’ beach house in Casco Bay, Maine.

13. Joey Pizzolato: Atop a bluff in Lima.
14. Brian Aronson: Giza, with a beer and silence.
15. alexakovachevich: Anywhere I am; it’s the best part of the day.
16. ElenaBlandina: Drinking a cold beer while sitting on a comfy beach chair and my feet in the sand.
17. krisjetz: The beach in Hawaii after a long flight from the mainland.
18. Efreeman: Through the canopy of a forest.
19. IainYNWA: On the roof of the world, in Afghanistan.
20. KlaraH: In a shabby bar in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, after a day’s surfing on a remote beach.
21. headingbacksoon: Reñaca, Chile in December.
22. AndreaL: On an inselberg (rock outcropping) in the White Desert, Egypt.
23. Ghostfacekillen: From the top of my roof in Brooklyn, NY.
24. twitchee27: In the middle of the ocean — not an island in sight.
25. Jules Hikoi: Camel track on the outskirts of Al Ain; West Coast of NZ at the beach.
26. rbdawn: On a cliff, anywhere in the world.
27. christopher10: St. Croix river after kayaking.
28. c_mtnbear: In Mt. Aspiring National Park beyond the glaciers.
29. PhilWyman: From the top of Cadair Idris before sleeping overnight on the mountain to become a poet.
30. wonderluster: Byron Bay lighthouse.
31. hikerjch: After a day of exploring and finding a quiet place to watch.
32. Ames: On a sailboat out on the Great Barrier Reef after a long day of snorkeling/diving…with a glass of wine in hand of course.
33. koppelhf: Yang Yiang.
34. Craig Guillot: The waterfront park in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
35. Priancca: In the Andaman Sea while coming back to Port Blair from Havelock Island.

36. LmHb: Duck, North Carolina after I’ve been in the ocean all day.
37. thephiladelphian: On top of an abandoned factory in my hometown.
38. tahiaroha: Anywhere from the water on my surfboard.
39. Bigshoe: Hammock at Rocking J’s hostel in Costa Rica.
40. kelsiecb: Lake Powell; the colors complement the rocks.
41. AmericanRugby: While skiing in the mountains.
42. SharonC: On a lanai in Hawaii with a maitai.
43. hodgesd1005: The sand dunes on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan. Try Sleepy Bear Dunes — they’ll change the way you look at Michigan.
44. manuelaodell: On my rooftop in Colombia, overlooking the ocean.
45. imissutila: While doing yoga on the beach.
46. bonnie lynn: Galapagos Islands, lying next to a nursing sea lion.
47. MikeCollins: Any beach bar in Mexico.
48. giovanna86: At Blacks Cliffs on the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla 10 minutes walking distance from my freshman year dorm at the University of California in San Diego.
49. nathanc: At the summit of a mountain after a long day of snowboarding.
50. Ultimate Warrior: Thessaloniki, Greece by the water.

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