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50 Sunsets

National Parks
by Matador Creators Apr 30, 2010
When you fill out your Matador community profile, we ask you to share your ideal place for watching the sunset. Here’s what 50 members said.

1. Aina808: On my surfboard sitting in the line-up in Hawaii.
2. passionwriter: Sitting by a campfire in the fall of the year, listening to the sound of the wood popping, and the sun saying goodnight gives me a peaceful feeling.
3. ImpDad: Cannon Beach, Oregon with lightning striking the sand.
4. two2sense: Eating fresh grilled fish on the beach after a day of diving in Honduras.
5. Martin Nielsen: From a mountaintop in El Pauji (Southern Venezuela), the sun will set over the Great Savannah.
6. SuperJenn: Wherever one can find fireflies.
7. WyattWalker: On top of the giant rock living next to the Blood Mountain shelter in Georgia.
8. SteveScherrer: Where the surf meets the jungle in Costa Rica.
9. Yeags: Atop a mountain in the Blue Ridge Parkway.
10. TravelingZack: 4pm in Kasilof, Alaska where the red stains the crystals on the trees and it looks like there is a bright burning forest fire…
11. Traveling Savage: Any day on the Orkney Islands.
12. jrmoreau: From my grandparents’ beach house in Casco Bay, Maine.

13. Joey Pizzolato: Atop a bluff in Lima.
14. Brian Aronson: Giza, with a beer and silence.
15. alexakovachevich: Anywhere I am; it’s the best part of the day.
16. ElenaBlandina: Drinking a cold beer while sitting on a comfy beach chair and my feet in the sand.
17. krisjetz: The beach in Hawaii after a long flight from the mainland.
18. Efreeman: Through the canopy of a forest.
19. IainYNWA: On the roof of the world, in Afghanistan.
20. KlaraH: In a shabby bar in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, after a day’s surfing on a remote beach.
21. headingbacksoon: Reñaca, Chile in December.
22. AndreaL: On an inselberg (rock outcropping) in the White Desert, Egypt.
23. Ghostfacekillen: From the top of my roof in Brooklyn, NY.
24. twitchee27: In the middle of the ocean — not an island in sight.
25. Jules Hikoi: Camel track on the outskirts of Al Ain; West Coast of NZ at the beach.
26. rbdawn: On a cliff, anywhere in the world.
27. christopher10: St. Croix river after kayaking.
28. c_mtnbear: In Mt. Aspiring National Park beyond the glaciers.
29. PhilWyman: From the top of Cadair Idris before sleeping overnight on the mountain to become a poet.
30. wonderluster: Byron Bay lighthouse.
31. hikerjch: After a day of exploring and finding a quiet place to watch.
32. Ames: On a sailboat out on the Great Barrier Reef after a long day of snorkeling/diving…with a glass of wine in hand of course.
33. koppelhf: Yang Yiang.
34. Craig Guillot: The waterfront park in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
35. Priancca: In the Andaman Sea while coming back to Port Blair from Havelock Island.

36. LmHb: Duck, North Carolina after I’ve been in the ocean all day.
37. thephiladelphian: On top of an abandoned factory in my hometown.
38. tahiaroha: Anywhere from the water on my surfboard.
39. Bigshoe: Hammock at Rocking J’s hostel in Costa Rica.
40. kelsiecb: Lake Powell; the colors complement the rocks.
41. AmericanRugby: While skiing in the mountains.
42. SharonC: On a lanai in Hawaii with a maitai.
43. hodgesd1005: The sand dunes on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan. Try Sleepy Bear Dunes — they’ll change the way you look at Michigan.
44. manuelaodell: On my rooftop in Colombia, overlooking the ocean.
45. imissutila: While doing yoga on the beach.
46. bonnie lynn: Galapagos Islands, lying next to a nursing sea lion.
47. MikeCollins: Any beach bar in Mexico.
48. giovanna86: At Blacks Cliffs on the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla 10 minutes walking distance from my freshman year dorm at the University of California in San Diego.
49. nathanc: At the summit of a mountain after a long day of snowboarding.
50. Ultimate Warrior: Thessaloniki, Greece by the water.

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