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7 of the Most Scenic Spots in the North of Spain

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by Claudia Tavani Oct 18, 2016

Often overlooked for the more famous south, the north of Spain is slowly but steadily attracting more visitors. Coastal towns, mountains, beautiful beaches, delicious food, a rich culture and history and an incredibly friendly community of people — all make the north worth visiting, just as much as the south. Here are some spots that I found to be the most photogenic. You can find all of these on the travelstoke app, where you can create your own trip-planning lists.

1. Luarca

 BBVALuarca, SpainAnother wonderful small city on the coast of Asturias is Luarca, also known as the white city. The lovely port is located near the main street, where the locals crowd the coffee shops to relax and chat away. It’s definitely a place that shouldn’t be missed.

2. Cudillero

 Coto Del PomarMuros de Nalón, SpainThe views from Cudillero are simply stunning. This lovely, colorful village on the coast of Asturias is all built against the cliff, and there is no traffic from cars as the streets are too narrow. The pace of life here is slow, with locals being incredibly friendly.

3. Llanes

 BorizuLlanes, SpainLlanes, on the coast of Asturias, is famous for having a whopping 32 beaches in just 45 km of coast. They are all beautiful, and can be reached via hike, bike or walk from Sablon. The views along the hike are breathtaking.

4. Cantabria

 Hotel Casona El ArralLiérganes, SpainKnown as the green heart of Spain, Cantabria is one of the most scenic regions in the country. From beautiful coastal towns to small villages in the mountains, it is an incredibly pleasant place to explore. Cantabria is home to the Picos de Europa, a mountain range named like that because sailors returning to Europe could see it from a distance. It’s definitely worth visiting.

5. Urdaibai – Reserva de la Biosfera

 Urdaibai – Reserva de la BiosferaBizkaia, SpainThe Urdaibai Bird Centre is a state of the art research center that monitors the life and migrating cycles of various species of birds. The view from there is spectacular and from the observatory it’s possible to also spot ospreys.

6. Pasai Donibane

 Terminus San SebastianDonostia, SpainOne of the most scenic places in the Basque Country is Pasai Donibane, a small village on the coast. It’s connected to Pasai San Pedro by boat. The pace of life, the relaxed atmosphere and the welcoming locals make it truly worth visiting.

7. Beach of the Cathedrals

 Beach of the CathedralsRibadeo, SpainOne of the most beautiful places in the world, Playa de las Catedrales, in Galicia, is one of those places which look different depending on the time of the day. When the tide is low, very early in the morning, it’s possible to walk on the beach and under the arches. Later in the day, with high tide, the best views are those from the footpath above.

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