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8 of the Best Local Shops in Austin

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by Power Couple Life Oct 31, 2016

Locally-owned businesses are the backbone of local economies and the foundation of Austin’s unique culture. Entrepreneurs embrace their talents with a passion that feeds both their endeavors and our culture. From the unique shops to the entrepreneurial spirit that exudes the attitude that anything can be done, these local business makes it happen every day. From hosting community events to embracing a more sustainable environment, these businesses are part of the core of this fabulous place we call Austin.

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 PRIZEAustin, United StatesDescribed as an urban department store with a focus on handcrafted items made locally. They also offer interior design services! #high-end #clothes #souvenirs

This is one of those places that you wish you never knew existed…Everything is beautiful with handcrafted artisan detail. You’ll go in looking for one thing and leaving with 3 more you didn’t expect to find. Lisa, the owner is a “prize” as well. She will help you find anything.


 in.gredientsAustin, United StatesThis store showcases local produce and groceries

A zero waste grocery store. That is an impressive feat in today’s world of plastic wrapped everything. I don’t know how they do it, but props to them for figuring it out. If you are looking for a specialty grocer, this is your place.


 AtownAustin, United StatesFounded in 2011 this store is stocked with unique gifts, beauty products, home decor and more. Items sold are the work of over one hundred local artists and designers.

They carry a shirt that reads “Breakfast Tacos, All Day, Erreday”. Necessities y’all. You can’t beat a $5 earring wall either.

The Burlap Bag

 The Burlap BagAustin, United StatesA funky shop that sells over 80 different artists crafts and wares. Reminds us of a handcrafted version of Urban Outfitters.

Great store with one-of-a-kind items, centrally located and you will leave wanting to buy everything. The soy candles smell amazing and have great names like: Crazy Cat Lady and Unicorn Puke.

Austin Art Garage

 Austin Art GarageAustin, United StatesSelling art made by local talent #art #gallery #souvenirs

This is a fantastic, grassroots art gallery that has very interesting pieces priced from $20 to several hundred dollars. The art ranges from abstract to design heavy, sculpture and photography.

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

 Antonelli’s Cheese ShopAustin, United StatesLocated in Hyde Park, this is the bees knees when it comes to cheese

This is one of the very few places that keeps a record of your last purchase. They also offer free tasting or any of the cheeses they have in stock. The sales people seem not only love cheese but have extensive knowledge of the produce and flavor profiles. Best items- Barely Buzzed, Osu Iraty, anything from cowgirl creamery.

Wheatsville Co-Op

 Wheatsville Food Co-OpAustin, United StatesOver 1,900 locally made items and over 80% organic products, this co-op has it all. They even have a deli and catering menu and a second location on South Lamar.

Their salad bar is amazing and you cannot pass up the popcorn tofu! Lots of people compare it to what Whole Foods was in their early days. The Deli is superb and they carry a ton of vegan and vegetarian options.

Uncommon Objects

 Uncommon ObjectsAustin, United StatesEstablished in 1991 as a small antique collective, its now known as a emporium of one-of-a-kind objects.

This antique shop has everything; animal skulls, vintage postcards, dolls, playing cards, antique games. Many items are arranged by color, so if you need a pink antique vase, you’ll find just the right thing.

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