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8 Things You'll Get Addicted to in Thailand

by Johanna Read Apr 11, 2016

1. Planning your travel time based on the time of the month

Payday traffic!

2. Cheap water from the corner

I don’t understand why more countries don’t have Thailand’s excellent water dispensers. If your country doesn’t have potable tap water, why force everyone to buy their water in so much plastic, and then have a garbage problem? Just provide convenient machines where people can fill containers for 1 Baht/litre!

3. High-quality $25 dental checkups

Best teeth cleaning ever and for only 800 Baht (though I did miss the fluoride treatment).

4. Kuay tiaw pad kee mao on the way home from the bar

“Drunkard’s noodle” are really good for helping prevent a hangover. Just don’t get so drunk you forget to say the “kuay tiaw” and end up with no noodles.

5. A lease which guarantees you pay the government rate for electricity

I’ll happily take a less convenient apartment if I’m not being gouged on electricity.

6. Soi dogs

Though they can be a little territorial, they usually beg politely in the hope that I’ll give them a little of my satay. The sois just wouldn’t be the same without them.

7. Fruit powder

Fresh fruit in Thailand is amazingly delicious, especially when someone cuts it into bite-size pieces for you on the street. But it is over-­the-­top fabulous when the street cart vendor gives you a little bag of the addictive powder made from sugar, salt and red chilies to sprinkle on top.

8. Pad kra prao for lunch and dinner.

While Thais eat pad kra prao when they don’t know what to eat, I will happily eat it every day for lunch and dinner. I knew my Thai accent was getting good when I’d order it and the cook would answer me in Thai.

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