Dear Travelers to Nebraska: Please Don’t Come Visit Unless You’ve Understood These 7 Things

Nebraska Insider Guides
by Laura Smith Jun 9, 2016

1. Not everyone was raised on a farm.

Some Nebraskans have never even petted a cow. Or tipped one over. With approximately one in three residents of Nebraska living in Lincoln and Omaha, there’s a large portion of us that grew up in a suburban neighborhood with only a small swing set in the backyard.

2. People don’t drive tractors to work.

Yes, some small towns in Nebraska do have ‘drive your tractor to school day,’ most of us choose an automobile (or bicycle) to get us to and from work and school. And no, not all of those automobiles are trucks.

3. The terrain isn’t just flat.

While Nebraska is relatively flat compared to hilly San Francisco, Nebraska reaches an elevation point of 5,429 feet at Panorama Point. For hilly adventures, check out Gravel Worlds for some hardcore gravel road hill climbs, or venture out west to the sandstone monuments around Scottsbluff. After a little exploring, you won’t be thinking that Nebraska is “so, so flat” anymore.

4. There’s more on our plates than beef and corn.

Even if Nebraska is known for its Runzas (think a chewy bread pocket stuffed with beef, onions and cabbage) and homegrown corn (it’s seriously the best corn ever, especially covered in butter and sea salt) there are many other food options in the ‘Good Life.’ Check out Maggie’s Vegetarian Cafe; The Oven; LOCAL; Modern Love; Benson Brewery; Ivanna Cone and Yia Yia’s to find out what else Nebraska can dish up.

5. Not everyone cares about Husker football.

While most Nebraskans wear red, eat hotdogs and press pause on normal life every Saturday during the Husker football season, not everyone falls in love with the game. There are plenty of other Husker-related (award-winning) sports us Nebraskans fall into a deep obsession with.

For example, the volleyball team has won four NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championships and the men’s gymnastic team has won eight national team titles and 41 NCAA event titles.

6. This area isn’t just about country music.

Once a jazz hub in the 1920s, Omaha is now home to a booming Indie Rock scene thanks to the founding of Saddle Creek Records in 1993. Founded by Mike Mogis and Justin Oberst, this label paved the way for notable and novice artists alike to bring a diverse set of music to Omaha and the surrounding areas.

Be sure to check out popular music venues such as Slowdown, The Waiting Room Lounge, House of Loom and Sokol Auditorium when you want to hear the sounds of Father John Misty, The Good Life, Tweedy, The Decemberists and many more.

7. We have some of the prettiest skies around.

Words can’t even begin to describe the natural beauty that occurs every time the sun sets in Nebraska. All the colors of the wind blend together so brilliantly, time seems to stop, mouths drop and square photos are taken — filling Instagram accounts everywhere with shades of yellow, red, orange and pink. Don’t believe me? Search #nebraskasunset on Instagram.

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