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How Long Can You Travel on $1,000?

Budget Travel
by Hal Amen Aug 6, 2010
The answer, of course, depends on where you go.

EARLIER THIS YEAR, published a chart showing how many travel days $1,000USD will get you in different countries. (I came across the chart via our friends at

Topping the list of 18 nations is India, with 1K buying 71 days of travel. At the other end are several European countries, followed by Japan, most expensive on the chart with only 15 days for the $1,000 budget.

What kind of travel are we talking about? RG offers three criteria:

  1. hostel dorms for accommodation
  2. meals of street food
  3. 60% of travel time spent outside major cities

So we’re talking backpacking, which I guess traditionally is the cheapest way to travel. But there are plenty of ways to cut costs even below these levels. What about couchsurfing? Wwoofing? Volunteering or working for room and board?

In fact, as Tim Patterson has shown, it’s entirely feasible to travel the world for free.

And you? How do you deal with budgets on the road? Do countries’ costs of living play a part in where you decide to travel? Share your perspective in the comments.

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