Jordan From the Air

Jordan Photo + Video + Film
by Matador Creators Jun 8, 2015

SERVING as a crossroads of humanity for thousands of years has left the country of Jordan with a cultural diversity unmatched by few. Come along with Matador as we explore this beautiful land from an angle never before seen, an aerial delight captured in 4K using the latest in drone technology. From the ancient ruins of Petra to the mind-blowing rock formations of Wadi Rum, Jordan is a place that will continue to amaze you — just watch and see.

This entire film was shot in 4K with a DJI Inspire and DJI Phantom 2, equipped with the H3-3D gimbal along with a GoPro Hero 4. Filmed and edited by Scott Sporleder and Ross Borden.

Jordan Tourism Board
This video is proudly produced in partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board.

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