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15 Reasons BC Is the Best Place on the Planet in 15-Second Clips

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by Carlo Alcos Aug 14, 2015

BORN and raised in BC’s lower mainland and now living in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet (the Kootenays) yeah, I’m biased. But I’ve done my fair share of exploring and I can honestly say that not a day goes by when I don’t look around and feel entirely blessed, grateful, and privileged to call this place home, above anywhere else that I’ve been on Earth.

To celebrate this gorgeous piece of paradise, Destination BC is running an Instagram contest called Project Wild. To submit your own entry go here and register, then start uploading and tagging your Instagram videos of BC with #15secondsofBC. You can win an assortment of prizes as well as have your vid featured by Destination BC.

Below are some of my favourites so far that showcase the ruggedness, wildness, and rawness that is British Columbia. See them all here.


Tanner Whidden – My British Columbia. #15secondsofbc @hellobc

A video posted by Tanner Whidden (@gtotaxidermy) on


A video posted by Pauline (@karlen_t) on

Wild people





(this one was the first week’s winner)

Climbing in the Kootenays. #15secondsofbc

A video posted by David Colhoun (@davidcolhoun) on

Northern Lights

Northern Lights over Horse Lake, BC. #15secondsofBC

A video posted by Matt Harper (@matt.harper) on


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