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15+ Unreal Spots to Visit on the Ultimate Jordan Adventure

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by Elisabeth Brentano Nov 4, 2016

IN OCTOBER I traveled to Jordan for the second time, and my mission was to get off the grid and see parts of the country that aren’t routinely featured in guidebooks. I couldn’t resist stopping by some of the more touristy spots, but the rest of my time was spent hiking and exploring landscapes that could best be described as otherworldly.

Editor’s note: These spots are all taken directly from travelstoke®, a new app from Matador that connects you with fellow travelers and locals, and helps you build trip itineraries with spots that integrate seamlessly into Google Maps and Uber. Download the app to add any of the spots below directly to your future trips. All photos by author except where noted.

Dana Biosphere Reserve


One of the things I had forgotten was just how magical the light can be in the Jordanian desert. Golden hour seems to last forever, and the way the dust catches the last rays of the day is truly something you have to see for yourself. There are miles and miles of trails and rolling hills to explore in Dana, but catching sunset at Dana Terrace is definitely a spot you should add to your list.

 Dana GuesthouseBsaira District, JordanWifi, amazing food and a balcony that’s perfect for stargazing in the Dana Biosphere Reserve? Yup, this place is awesome…and super affordable. #ecotourism #budget-friendly #roomwithaview

 Dana Tower HotelBsaira District, JordanAmazing teepee hotel in Jordan’s spectacular Dana Nature Reserve!

 Dana lookoutلواء بصيرا, JordanBeautiful lookout and the sun sets right in front.

Wadi Ghuweir


If you’ve ever done the Narrows in Utah’s Zion National Park, this trail will be right up your alley. The Jordan River’s water levels are highest in the spring, so you’ll definitely need a dry bag if you attempt this hike then, but you’re generally ok with a backpack the rest of the year. Still, the sights you see while trekking through this canyon oasis are almost worth a waterlogged phone.

 Wadi GhuweirTafiela Qasabah District, JordanFrom palm trees sprouting out of the canyon walls to the electric blue water rushing over the rocks, this 16km hike offered surprises around every corner. #hike #nature #adventure

Umm Qais

There are ruins all over Jordan, but if you time it right, you might be able to explore some of these spots all by yourself. And did you know? The ruins at Umm Qais overlook the Sea of Galilee, which sits along the border of Israel and Syria.

 Umm Qyas Archaeological SiteBani Kinanah Department, JordanCaught an amazing sunset framed by the Greco Roman ruins, which date back to the 4th century BC. #explore #history #oldbuildings

Wadi Rum



I left our camp 20 minutes before sunrise, and I wasn’t sure what I’d find. Even though there were footprints and tire tracks over much of the sand, I felt like I was the last person on earth. Aside from the sound of my feet on the ground and the occasional bird call, it was dead quiet, and the cool air reminded me of mornings in the California desert. I felt completely at home, and if I could have stopped time (and the temperature) and wandered around here for an entire day, I totally would have.

 Wadi Rum Protected AreaWadi Rum Village, JordanIf you’re a desert landscape lover, you’ve met your match. From sand dunes to otherworldly rock formations, Wadi Rum has it all. #landscape #photography #rideacamel

 Wadi Rum Night Luxury CampQuairah District, JordanIf you go to Jordan, visiting the mighty Wadi Rum Desert is an absolute must. It is just as impressive as Petra.

 The TreasuryPetra District, JordanWadi Rum cliff sides

Captain’s Desert Camp

 Captain’s Desert CampAqaba Governorate, JordanStopped here for lunch during a desert adventure in Wadi Rum, and the food was fantastic, as was the live music. #glamping #lunch-spot

Ajloun Castle

I hate to admit this, but I’ve never been a fan of museums. I like to go at my own pace and I’d rather use my imagination than be lectured about a site, no matter how important it is. Exploring this castle made me feel like a kid again, minus the boring history lessons.

 AjlounAjloun, JordanExplored the ruins at Ajloun Castle and felt like I was re-enacting a scene in Game of Thrones. 🐲 #sunsetspot #castles #exploring

Ajloun Forest Reserve

 Ajloun Forest ReserveOrjan SubDistrict, JordanNice little spot tucked away at the top of a mountain. Great trails and hiking around, the food is decen and the rooms are clean and separated into little cabins. They also have a campground here. Try the hummus. It is probably the best I have tasted yet!


If you’ve been to Jordan or you’re planning a trip there, odds are Petra is at the top of your list. If you’re already planning on visiting the Treasury, why not experience it in a whole new light — literally.

 Petra by NightPetra District, JordanYou won’t be the only person here, but you can truly feel the quiet and calm all around you when you walk down the candlelit path to the Treasury. A few days a week you can get tickets to Petra by Night…I highly recommend going! #nightphoto #explore #walks

 The TreasuryPetra District, JordanThe world famous Treasury in Petra, Jordan. Put this place on your bucket list. It blows Machu Picchu out of the water and is the most impressive archialogical site I have been to in my life.

 The Monastery – Ad DeirPetra District, JordanIn my opinion, the most impressive site in all of Petra. The facade of the Monastery is about 200 ft tall and spectacular from every angle. #petra

Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa

I don’t know if there’s a better way to wrap up a trip to Jordan. Dipping into the Dead Sea for a sunset float is something I could do at least once a week. The super salty water makes you so buoyant it’s impossible to sink, and being able to lay back and tune everyone and everything out is a feeling you truly have to experience for yourself. A number of hotels sit along the shore of the Dead Sea, and it’s only an hour from the airport in Amman.

 Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spaلواء الشونة الجنوبية, JordanThere are a seemingly endless amount of pools, but taking a float in the Dead Sea is sooo much better. Oh, and if you don’t want to slather mud on yourself there, you can also get that done at the spa. #resort #sunsetspot #spa #swimming

 Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spaلواء الشونة الجنوبية, JordanGetting muddy and float the Dead Sea. This Marriott is right on the coast of this bizarre body of salty water and has nice pool areas for kids.

Iraq Al-Amir women’s cooperative

 Iraq Al-Amir women’s cooperativeAmman, JordanThese women are so incredibly talented and kind! Enjoyed breakfast and getting to know their craft more!

 Iraq Al-Amir women’s cooperativeAmman, JordanGreat local experience to learn about daily life of local woman empowerment in this village, handmade arts and crafts as well as home stays.

Haret Jdoudna

 Haret JdoudnaMadaba, JordanBest food in the area and a favourite restaurant of many. The historical significance of the place is very interesting and a beautiful setting

#food #history

Shawerma Reem

 Shawerma ReemAmman, JordanHailed as the best shawarma place in town, the meat is tender and the hummus is smooth and garlicky. Prices are cheap, recommended!

Souk Jara

 Souk Jara سوق جاراAmman, JordanThe hustle and bustle of the souk was one of my favorite experiences!

Amman Citadel

 Amman CitadelAmman, JordanAmazing city views up here! Loved hearing the call to prayer while the sun went down. #myjordanjourney

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